Cricket, lovely cricket


That wouldn’t have hit another set. :open_mouth:



Well doneYorkshire.



Scotland setting England a stern examination in the ODI. 5LiveX TMS


Well done, Scotland. Great performance and a deserved win.


We cannae beat the Scots, but we can squeak it against the 'Strayans. :upside_down_face:


342 for England ODI sounds good, but is it enough against Oz?




Pretty comfortable in the end.



That Sean Marsh is a bit good, isn’t he? Nearly took it from England.


On the Channel 5 coverage, several times they referred to a “maximum”, rather than a six. They can have a massive cockpunch for that.


At Trent Bridge today. Anyone else?

Weather looks good.

Rest of you can enjoy work :smirk:


You must be loving this.

450+ on the cards?


Happy days here. Im where all the sixes are near the score tower.

Got a spare if anyone can get here.


Mind your head!


All just below me.


Wow :flushed:


Jesus you could see 500 here.


If these 2 stay in, I reckon it is on


How good must Scotland be!


That’s the series wrapped up then. 3-0