Cricket, lovely cricket


:grin: Shows my skill at predicting the future, with World Cup predictions as further testimony.


At this rate they will be lucky to bat out the 50 overs. Hammering coming up.


Their problem right now is that they know England will chase down anything under 300 with ease, so despite needing to ‘get-in’ they have to score at 10 an over to have any chance at all.


Has anyone ever won an ODI by 10 wickets? :grin:


AFAIK England have never whitewashed Oz 5-0 in any form of the game. In this series of record breaking achievements, today is the day.


Game over.


Lol, even when we bat shite we’re too good for this rabble



Man of the Match will be an easy pick!


Well that was quite a finish! Good work from Hales there.


Here we go then. 5 tests against the best test team in the World.

Will the undoubted advantage of playing at home give England a chance,or will India prevail on what must be very dry pitches?

I fancy England to win the series, narrowly.

5 tests in 6 weeks is a hell of an ask, I expect injuries and fitness to play a significant role.


Scheduling fail. :roll_eyes:


Indeed, why is this starting so late? If they’d started as the WC & Wimbledon finished it’d have had far more impact.



Can’t avoid the lure of the shiny TV $ though :roll_eyes:


Had to fit in 2 tests against Pakistan, 5 ODI’s and 2 T20’s against Oz, 3 T20’s and 3 ODI’s against India…



He must be late 30s now
Shit hot wicket keeper though


Same old, same old.:pensive:


Oh god, I’m agreeing with you! :stuck_out_tongue:

We should just say “give us 15 runs for the loss of one wicket” and then we can get cook over and done with and move on.


It’s ok saying Cook should go, but who replaces him? We haven’t exactly got potential openers falling over themselves to replace him, have we?

One other thing. That ball from Ashwin would have got pretty much anybody out, it was almost unplayable.


jaffa. A lot of over spin so when he got forward he found he was way short. Ashwin will be taking a lot of wickets.


I had to double check it wasn’t April 1st.:scream: