Cricket, lovely cricket


Remarkable stat -

Joe Root scored 124 and only left one ball in his entire innings.


Fantastic effort from Foakes. He really is an exciting prospect.


Lightning stops play!

Crowd aren’t happy, but I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a big field with that going on. We once had to leave the field during an electrical storm and light rain. Everyone’s hair was standing on end, it was very strange and somewhat disconcerting to see.


Yes, he is a great pick. :+1:


Annoying the play has finished, I was really enjoying listening this morning.


Yes, me too. Well, watching rather than listening.

I am very happy with the game situation, I believe we have the lead we need and I don’t expect SL to get very close.

Overnight declaration anyone?


In the last three seasons of the County Championship, no top seven batsman has finished not out more often than Ben Foakes (11 times)

Another useless stat for you :grin:


Really? Another 25 would be nice! There are two days left and it’s must win for Sri Lanka. I think they probably have enough but Sri Lanka batted well in the last innings.


Could go either way, I think. Yes another 25 would be great, but could the pitch sweat a little with all that rain around and give a little bit of help for the seamers for a few overs?

You’re probably right that he will try to bat on, but I’m sure there will be just a little temptation to declare.


It’s a great match and credit to England to attack when they don’t have to win it. Good to see Burns get another score, I like him. They are really playing as a team at the moment and are backing themselves to play to their strengths, they seem to be making efforts to compensate for the brittle top order. This line up offers such variety in the bowling.


I’m looking forward to watching this in the morning, in a way I think it is ideally set up for England to win tomorrow but maybe not! Sri Lanka are likely to be set a target that, if they bat well, they can feasibly get. They have to go for it but that means wickets for England may be easier to come by.

In their first innings they put pressure on England by defending and making England at times lose patience and ‘search’ for wickets instead of keeping it tight and creating pressure on the batsmen. Sri Lanka picked off the bad ball. I’m not sure that they will be able to do this again because England know they got it wrong. I think that Sri Lanka will have to attack astutely and I wonder if they can do this as effectively as a team as England have.

I think England have the better/ more varied attack and the better team spirit but I don’t think Sri Lanka are out of it because of home conditions. England on the other hand will be expecting their trio of spinners to do the business but none of these guys will have much experience of bowling in a a trio of spinners - probably just the last match!

In short I expect England to prevail but it could get very tight. I don’t think they are going to have it all their own way. It would be amazing if Sri Lanka lost by a couple of runs having conceded a five run penalty yesterday. That would hurt!


I expect England’s spinners to bowl much better than in the first innings. They just need to stop the ‘four ball an over’ and the pressure will be too much for a relatively inexperienced SL. The ball is turning and off the middle of the pitch, so keep it tight and have the patience to wait for the wicket balls, they will come.

I still think the rain may have livened up the pitch a bit, so maybe JA and SC can get us off to a good start.

I’m going for England by around 90 runs.

We’ll see, I might even get up early to watch more of it :grin:


I might wake up early if I don’t drink too much!


That’s my proviso too!


I’m actually watching England v SA in the women’s T20 WC.

SA - 85 all out - Shrubsole hat trick to end the innings and Sciver bowled 4 overs and took 3 for 4!

England currently 46-0 from 6.2 overs.

I think this one’s in the bag :grin:


Your prediction is going to be a lot closer than mine. Matthews could be leading them home here. England desperately need a wicket.


Just turned it on… yes, I didn’t expect England to have it all their own way but bloody hell, Mathews and Dickwella were galloping along before the tea break! It’s going to be a nail biter. A wicket here and everything will change. What a test!


Yes, a great test, regardless of the result. Tea has come at the right time, we were getting a bit ragged in the field.

They don’t need to panic yet, but they must dry up the runs or it will be gone very quickly. Dickwella played his natural attacking game from his first ball and is dangerous.

Exciting session coming up!


Going down

Oh maybe not!



Looks good, here’s the review