Cricket, lovely cricket


It’s a pity about Broad’s batting. After he took that blow on the head he lost his confidence.


Yes, a shame for him and England. It must be awful to lose your nerve and once your feet go the wrong way it gets worse not better. Top level cricket is hardcore.


Just been watching ball by ball text commentary of Pakistan v New Zealand test (yes , really!)

Pakistan doing what only Pakistan can do :smile:

Chasing 176 to win, they’re apparently cruising at 147-4…

171 all out and NZ win by 4 runs.

How do they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so often and with such expertise?


No surprises there then.


So basically, ‘we’ve been terrible for months, lets get our best players back.’ :unamused:




More like, “We’ve been really shit for a while. The Ashes are coming up, so what should we do ?”


The bans are to stand, which I think is the correct decision and sends out the right message.


A smidgeon of sensibility in a world of shite



That might be a bit of a blow. Anderson was involved in two tenth wicket partnerships worth 100 runs in the last test and Curran has been excellent pretty much throughout the series.


Lol, that must be the first time I’ve ever heard it suggested that Anderson will be missed for his batting prowess.



Do you remember when he held the record for consecutive innings without a duck ? He has made up for it in recent years :smile:


Yes, that was something he seemed very proud of.

He does hold the record for the highest number of not-outs in test match cricket IIRC


Surprised he isn’t averaging over 50 :smile:

Didn’t Jimmy have a period as night watchman?


He was night watchman for years. Did a pretty good job of it too.


Yep, but he hardly bowled, so his role was largely fielding and blocking an end. Broad is more prone to swing away…


Haha, Sri Lanka have blown their reviews before lunch again! Dickwella, always crashing in the same car. :roll_eyes:


Bairstow 50 and looking very determined.


Root 46 and a horrendous moo.