Cricket, lovely cricket


Excellent technical description!

Not sure it matters actually. 46 is hitting his average pretty much and with the way they are playing, they are looking at making good partnerships and he and Bairstow had already got 130 odd(?) on the board at around 4 an over. That shot looks terrible when it’s a top edge but previously he was smashing it and he scored a big hundred in the last game playing across the line a lot. Calculated risk.


Sri Lanka’s reviewing is ridiculous. They probably should be a couple more wickets to the good. 3 matches in and they aren’t learning.


Very good innings by Bairstow. I think his celebration showed how angry he really was at being left out of the second test.

England just need to be a bit careful now, they’re in danger of throwing away their good start.


312-7 They’ll be pretty happy with that.

Moeen’s innings was unmissable. Dropped twice, 2 reviews overturned ‘out’ decisions. He’s living a charmed life!


Just listened to the Bairstow interview. Wow, he has some serious issues with that decision to leave him out of the second test and the way the press have discussed his position. I don’t think that having a go at the press and playing the poor me, what did I do wrong card is entirely appropriate in a post match interview just after scoring a tremendous century.

He is one angry young man. Almost spoiled brat syndrome. The press will always have their opinions, deal with it and control your emotions.


If he can channel it into excellent batting performances, I’m not going to complain too loudly. The press often want their cake and to eat it in these things.


Exactly. Bairstow nailed down his ODI place by feeling he had a point to prove after being left out for Hales and Roy.


Agreed. And his century today was the perfect response to his recent omission, but it was the tone of his interview that I thought was out of place.


Chippy so and so… It is hardly likely to help him is it? Anyway, as others have said; good man management from England, they have got him on the boil again.

Strange day, I’m not sure which way it has gone. Most observers seem to think it’s England’s day but maybe they have let it slip a bit. I guess things will become clearer once Sri Lanka have batted but it doesn’t look like too bad a pitch.


I think a lot depends on the first hour. If our tail wags and we add another 60 or so, I think they will find it difficult to match our first innings total. They have to bat last, of course. I think Root has a double headed coin!

The pitch looks decent, but the odd ball is turning and there’s some bounce with the new ball. It looks the kind of pitch to play positively on, to me. There’s going to be a ball with your name on it at some point.


Yep. Unfortunately they were were awful. Rashid and Ali have the potential to score quickly but once Ali was gone it was ugly. Somebody needs to try and block up an end rather than just swish away at it.

Broad’s dismissal was ludicrous. Playing across the line to his first ball. Ali’s wasn’t much better.


Same old, same old.



You will be hearing form my copyright lawyer.


What a catch from Foakes!

It’s a review but it looks out to me.


I missed it!

I went to make coffee and said to Kerri " call me if something happens. " came back into the room with coffee and she said “dunno” when asked if something happened. :rage:

Jennings worth his place at short leg btw!


Another brilliant effort from Jennings!

Rashid bowling very well btw.


Yes, Rashid has been fantastic. I thought the field was a bit far back early on because they weren’t stopping the single and creating pressure. Little wrong with his line and length…


Someone had to! You were probably still in your scratcher. :grin:


You’ve missed the whole Test ???



That little? I would think you would have to fill him back to the last Eng-Aus 1 day series at least…