Cricket, lovely cricket


Stuck in a loop…



Foakes looks in a lot of pain, but still looks a class apart as a keeper.


Yes, he doesn’t want to give the gloves back to ginge.

Top sesh for England, Stokes and Rash a top combo


Credit to Stokes too. Great effort


He’s absolutely loving it too. Fantastic competitor!


Sri Lanka crumbling now


This is a brilliant spell from Rashid. Has he done this before in the 1st innings?


That last wicket was Fab, drew the bat into the shot with the drift and dip. He’s all over them now.


They haven’t got a clue against the short ball. Pleased for Stokes, this effort is superb.


Massive heart, what a session. The fielding and wicket keeping has been very impressive too.


Ice bath for Stokes tonight!

Although he’ll probably go for a curry and a few beers :smile:


Pure comic genius


Never run on a miss - field


All Stokes and Rashid at the moment


187-2 to this.

Hathurusingha must be tearing his hair out. Oh, hang on…



Quality Jennings banter on the BBC live text.


Looks plumb to me




The only thing that saved him, I reckon.


In real time he was dead.