Cricket, lovely cricket


Top player, sensible criteria, will annoy the racists on thr BBC comments. 3 from 3 win.


Sad indictment of West Indies cricket?


Good player. If he wants to play for England, bring it on. No question.


He’s awesome! My questions would be: How much did his awesomeness influence the rule change. Also, I was wondering if he would have preferred to play for West Indies really but seeing that they are in a bit of a mess and he’d prefer to get paid, chose England because he could.

I have no problem with him playing at all. Bowls over 90 mph, has a batting average at nearly 40 and is an incredible fielder with a bullet throw. What’s not to like? :grinning:


If only he could open :joy:


It won’t be long! :crazy_face:


I agree, he is terrific.

Not sure where you got his ‘nearly 40’ batting average from though. :wink:


Can’t find it now! I must have mis-read. I was reading an article about how Sussex took him on and how their work paid off after his rehab from chronic back injury. I thought it said he had a 38 batting average in red ball cricket. Wikipedia says 31 and a bit. :hugs: not bad though!


Never mid his batting, he was clocked at 94mph this season :skull:


Yes! He has an easy, athletic approach too. I saw him on telly a couple of times last summer and he was impressive.

Maybe he should be picked just to bowl at Jennings’ fingers in the nets… :smiling_imp:


That’s the end of that then



Following their defeat in the first test against India in Adelaide, Australia seem to have prepared a green-top for the second test in Perth, which starts tomorrow.

Whilst it will undoubtedly help their pace attack, they may want to look at the India bowling attack, I’m pretty sure that Bumrah, Shami and Sharma won’t be complaining about it!

Ashwin is out, injured, but you wouldn’t be too unhappy with Jadeja coming into the team to replace him.


Hoping the Indian team can rattle and dishearten Oz with a series victory.

But just enough to soften the morale a bit, and not push them into caged tiger mode.



Prolonged lol, plus some shares. :+1:t3:




As it looks an impossibility for India to lose this test, they win the series for the first time ever in Australia.

Does this reflect how good India are (remember we hammered them last Summer, albeit on English pitches) or is it a sign of how poor Australia have become?




India good, Australia shite and no sandpaper. :+1: