Cricket, lovely cricket


Top player, sensible criteria, will annoy the racists on thr BBC comments. 3 from 3 win.


Sad indictment of West Indies cricket?


Good player. If he wants to play for England, bring it on. No question.


He’s awesome! My questions would be: How much did his awesomeness influence the rule change. Also, I was wondering if he would have preferred to play for West Indies really but seeing that they are in a bit of a mess and he’d prefer to get paid, chose England because he could.

I have no problem with him playing at all. Bowls over 90 mph, has a batting average at nearly 40 and is an incredible fielder with a bullet throw. What’s not to like? :grinning:


If only he could open :joy:


It won’t be long! :crazy_face:


I agree, he is terrific.

Not sure where you got his ‘nearly 40’ batting average from though. :wink:


Can’t find it now! I must have mis-read. I was reading an article about how Sussex took him on and how their work paid off after his rehab from chronic back injury. I thought it said he had a 38 batting average in red ball cricket. Wikipedia says 31 and a bit. :hugs: not bad though!


Never mid his batting, he was clocked at 94mph this season :skull:


Yes! He has an easy, athletic approach too. I saw him on telly a couple of times last summer and he was impressive.

Maybe he should be picked just to bowl at Jennings’ fingers in the nets… :smiling_imp:


That’s the end of that then