Cricket, lovely cricket


England’s day. :boom:



He had Hetmyer dropped by Buttler too.

Great day for England. To lose the toss and reduce them to 254-8 is very good indeed.



289 all out. I’ll settle for that.


Is it on the wireless or just Sky?


Sky TV and Talk Sport 2 AFAIK


Jennings & Burns not doing their future prospects a lot of good.


May every mention of Murdoch’s need for a cokpunch in that thread be delivered, all in one go.
Robber baron.

Openers to be decided.


Lol, 289 looking a long way off…


Sounds like West Indies are inspired. Are they, or are we wank? Only got it on the radio…


Burns was a little unlucky, but played it too late. Jennings just did his usual. Bairstow and Root were pretty average misjudgements. Stokes a bit unlucky, umpire’s call - just scraping the top corner of the bails. Moeen, shocking, lazy shot first ball.

So, yes. W.I. bowling well, but we have batted like schoolboys.

Another one goes! Buttler out to a very good ball, to be fair to him.

Looks like the follow-on might come into play.


Time for this years first ‘same old, same old’.:cricket_bat_and_ball:


If you include other sport, it’s about your fucking eighteenth :roll_eyes:


I did use the cricket emoji for a reason.


I deliberately ignored that so i could have another dig at you :smile:


Haters gonna hate.:disappointed:


Wow, 73-9! That’s not the same old, to be fair - normally we have a top end collapse followed by a bit of tail wagging. This is just all fail.


All out!


When was the last time that a team had a high scoring player on 17? In their first innings!


Shameful stuff.:weary: