Cricket, lovely cricket


There’ll be some scenes when Rashid lofts Roach for six on Sunday night to secure the win. 629-9 with five overs left.


When we were lamenting the demise of West Indies Cricket on here a while ago we should have guessed the resurrection would be on England. :joy:


You are clearly on superior drugs. Send me some please.


Funzie fizzers. They’re great.


England into double figures without losing wicket shock


That’s a good effort. 56-0 and didn’t look in too much trouble.

Burns looked very fluent.


Openers to cruise to double centuries each, England crash from 520-0 to 570 all out.


In the context of the game it doesn’t mean much, but it will help Burns and Jennings improve their levels of confidence. At least Bairstow isn’t facing a rampant attack with a new nut.


No wickets all day - bizarre, especially after yesterday.:crazy_face:


Hopefully none tomorrow either :grin:


Jimmy Anderson, 36 years old, 48 overs in three days with a two hour rest while he watched the batting horror show. Christ.


Horrible shot from Jennings to get out to. No footwork involved just a wild flash. It’s ok to score 14 from 84 deliveries, but to then give his wicket away in that fashion shows a lack of application.

Plus, of course, he doesn’t have the technique to be a test opener.

I don’t know where they go from here, but he needs to be replaced. Joe Denly is the only other candidate in the current squad.


R L Chase 20 2 55 7

Best figures for a WI spinner for nearly 50 years. Shockingly bad batting from England does not help.


He’s got 8 now and he’s not even spinning it…


8-60! Tidy figures. At least England didn’t lose by 400 runs…


Damning with faint praise or what.:laughing:


What happened to #sameoldsameold?


I am restricting myself to one per test match.:+1:


You’ll give yourself a hernia or a prolapse with the strain involved…:confounded:


Denly replaces Jennings (unsurprisingly) and Leach replaces Rashid