Cricket, lovely cricket


Surely Broad makes the eleven this time?


I would expect Broad to be in the final XI but the expense of who, I’m not sure. You would think, Curran, but you never know, they could choose to drop Foakes (I hope not) and give Buttler the gloves. I can’t see Bairstow keeping and batting at 3.


I expect Broad in for Leach because Denly with his leg breaks offers the variation of the ball turning away from the right hander but you never know. It would be hard on Curran, he isn’t an opening bowler and too much was expected of him in the last test. I like Denly, he’s a good player, pretty sure he can do a job, I hope he gets a bit of luck.

How does this new ground play? I dont remember. is Andy Roberts still groundsman?


Hopefully better than the last time England were there. Match abandoned after 10 balls as the referee considered it too dangerous.




They’ve not played there since then ?


It was 2009, I don’t think so

Actually, yes, they were there in 2015. Drawn test


More to do with the outfield than the pitch.


I cant remember this at all.




This is well worth a read

As are the related stories at the bottom of the page.

The Times of India really is the best written cricket coverage, bar none IMO.


I recall being shocked at quite how well written the Times of India was generally when I visited. Shows up the tabloid rag sold here as The Times for exactly what it is now.


West Indies Inserted England?


Yes. I’m waiting for the ferry back to Fetlar and on an agonisingly slow connection, but they’re saying the pitch looks very green



I’m at home battling particularly bad man flu and just as the match has started Kerri has decided to go on a rant about our son’s education which will lead to more ranting if I dont sit here and ‘listen’ to it. :joy:

Not seen a smidge of it yet!


4 overs 0-0

Boycott will be wanking furiously


Wicket down already…


And Denly luck with an LBW shout… :confounded:


I’m getting quicker updates on here than on BBC site :slight_smile: