Cricket, lovely cricket


Bairstow just played and missed at a seaming half volley outside off stump

No foot movement


Nowt new there then




Is it just a first session thing, do we think? One of those where the batsmen just need to show real gumption, then they can have some fun? Or are we going to collapse anyway?!?


No idea, I’m not watching it, but the latter must have a chance


Looks green.


I’ll lose my connection at 3pm when I board the ferry and that will be it until I get home at 3.50


Sounds like Denly played a nightmare shot?


I didnt bloody see it! I left the room momentarily :confounded:


Pitch has variable bounce. Hussain just pointed out three consecutive deliveries passing the batsman at different heights


Denly’s dismissal was horrible, an ugly swipe at an absolute pie, without moving his feet. Toe-end nick.

Holder making it do all sorts!


Root, gone!!!


Ball reared up off a length, hit his left glove, flew to third slip- I think - who parried and gully anticipated to take the catch diving behind him. Unplayable.


Jolly good :roll_eyes:


Two fine boundaries from Bairstow off consecutive balls from Holder. Really tense atmosphere


Bairstow, counter attacking is 37/44


Buttler gone! Caught at slip on the walk. He had been trying to mess up Holder’s length for a few deliveries before but holder got one to bounce, which buttler had to play at…


Just got in to see that. First ball after I turned the telly on :roll_eyes:


Bairstow certainly is going for it.

51 (59)


Just watched the replays of the 4 wickets to fall. The Denly dismissal was horrible. Root just got a snorter, I don’t think that even *Rahul Dravid could have negotiated that.

*best player I’ve ever seen on a bowlers wicket.