Cricket, lovely cricket


Haha! I was just about to post pretty much the same thing and definitely using the words pie and innocuous!


Moeen getting to 50 in the way only Moeen can :grin:


He’s played very well, the unpredictable cunt. If he was terminally shit our ‘relationship’ would be easier. :rage:


There’s still the odd ball moving a serious amount, off the pitch.


I think Stokes might be useful on this, banging it in.

Just hope he doesn’t have to bowl 50 plus overs!


Good session


Proper cricket! My favourite shot of that partnership was a kind of inside-out checked drive that went for 4, very straight on the off-side from Ali. He is a wonderful bat when in the mood.


Latest odds:
England 4/6 , Windies 9/4, Draw 8/1


Is that good? :grinning:


I wish Rob Key would just fuck off.




Only if you pick the right outcome.:+1:


Yes, that much I understand.


Still a bit in it…


That bounce is mad.


Damn i missed a wicket


Good length ball almost hit the splice…


Just seen the replay :+1:. Not sure England’s bowlers will get the same from it. Gabriel and Roach are somewhat quicker


Maybe not so much the bounce, but there’s still some sideways movement off the pitch and some swing out there. It’s going to be interesting to see how Anderson and Broad perform against their top order.