Cricket, lovely cricket


Not particularly a fan either.


I suspected this might happen. Wood must play in place of Curran.


Jennings survives LBW decision which would have been stone dead out if they reviewed it, then dropped at slip next ball.

Only a matter of time, it would seem.

And there it is. Paul comes on and bowls a loosener, Jennings wafts his bat at it and caught behind.



I really can’t understand how many chances he’s getting. Is he like Graeme Hick in county cricket or something?


Nowhere near as good as Hick was in county cricket. He’s getting chances because there’s nobody to replace him, although I fully expect Jason Roy to get drafted into the squad for the ashes.

Hick averaged 52 and scored 136 first class centuries. Different league to Jennings, just failed (relatively) as a test batsman - average 31 with 6 tons.


Burns’ technique. :flushed:


I missed it, making dinner. Was it bad?

Denly just gone, our top order really is a mess.


Good bowling, Denly pinned back on the crease and beaten for pace.


It was bad. He was trying to play a straight ball through mid-wicket.

At least I don’t have to look at his shoulders for a bit. I spend more time wondering how I would cut a pattern for him than watching the play! :grin: evil figure…


Wtf is Buttler trying to do. Slashes at a wide one then tries to hit one into next week.


They are all brain dead.


Won’t the next Ashes series be like watching 2 tramps fighting over a chip?


Basically 1989 then ?


Irresponsible from Root. Just before tea FFS


Same old, same old.:weary:

I feel better now.:+1:


50 partnership!

Stokes with 41 of them :grin: He looks so much better when he’s playing positively. When he’s all defence he just looks like he will get out at any moment.

Needs to convert this into 3 figures.

Nice 50 from Stokes. Aaaaand out. :frowning_face: Or not, it’s a no ball :rofl:


Buttler gets to his 50 from 94 balls. Well done!

Highest partnership of the series for England


At last, England dominate a session. 117 runs and no wickets.

Buttler and Stokes riding their luck a couple of times, but that’s something we’ve been devoid of lately. Very good partnership and nice to see we’ve batted for 83 overs (our longest innings of the series, by a decent lump) and lost only 4 wickets.


What happened ? Thought we were set for 400.


Looks like every single batsman shit the bed in the first session. Spectacularly awful play.