Cricket, lovely cricket


Not letting Hetmyer get a shedload would be a good stepping stone.



Very good effort from England’s bowlers, but their fielding was off the scale. As sharp as I’ve ever seen from an English outfit. 2 superb run outs and must have saved at least 35 runs.

I expect our batters to get 290 - first 10 overs are key again, one wicket down and they will have a great base.


27 - 2 in six, should be a stroll. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Oh dear.

Prime position before Stokes was out, then threw it away. Stupid review from BS, Curran got one of the worst LBW decisions I have seen, but no reviews left. Only themselves to blame for that.


And the two openers who contributed fuck all.


Absolutely right, but that happens sometimes and the rest of the batting line up has to deal with it. Those two openers have a bloody good record, but on the odd occasion one of them fails. Today they both did, but that’s quite unusual.

Largely they kept up with the rate and looked likely winners until Stokes reviewed an obvious edge and left Curran without a pot to piss in when he was given out (unbelievably) LBW.

I’m not saying that (Curran) reversal would have produced an English victory, but it cost us a vital wicket at a crucial time.

I still take England to win the series.


Same old, same old.:disappointed:


For once, you’re wrong. For some time now, England have been the team to beat in ODI’s.

The nature of the short format means that no team can be invincible, Afghanistan could beat Australia but it doesn’t mean they’re a better side, it just happens sometimes. It only takes a couple of players to have a purple patch (like Cottrell and Hetmyer, yesterday) and any team can cause an upset.

I still expect England to win the series and still be favourites for the World Cup, this summer.


Law of averages and all that.:joy:


Given the history between India and Pakistan and in the light of the horrific recent event, this comes as no real surprise.

However, what if both teams qualify for the final? Will India forfeit that match too?


Absolute carnage in Grenada.

World record number of sixes in an innings - 24

Buttler 150 off 77 balls - at one stage he hit 54 off 11 balls…

Morgan century

418-6 Hugely entertaining.


Really wish I could have watched it!


Gayle teeing off now. 69 (38) atm


108 off 58 now.:sunglasses:


Great to watch. We must get him out, or they win (assuming we don’t take 8 wickets at the other end)


How often has a score 400+ lost a one dayer?


Home now, this is fantastic!



Bravo gone, Wood has been outstanding


And another, 4-29 so far, really good.



Fantastic knock from Gayle though. He’s still got it