Cricket, lovely cricket


Woakes in one image


Gosh, what a game still to decide!


Windies favourites now. England badly need a wicket

Have to give the ball to Wood this over, he looks most likely.



Take that!

Still not over, but the pendulum has swung England’s way

What a game




What an over from Rashid!

Outstanding - 2WW.WW

Love him!


Good call from Morgan to bowl him.
Good to show confidence in your bowlers


Great chase, looked very much on at one point. Well done WI for making such a game of it.

However, there’s a reason that 400+ has only been successfully chased once. It’s nigh on impossible.


They weren’t far off though were they? A bit more from Gayle and they would have got really close. Rashid superb at the death. Ace game, glad I caught some of it.


Indeed, close but no cigar is often the way in mammoth run chases though.

Once in over 4,000 International ODI’s tells the story.

Agreed, Rashid was outstanding at the end. Wood was, once again, fantastic. Buttler, who quite rightly got MOM was just amazing. He went from 50 to 150 in 31 balls - madness :rofl:


I think Hetmeyer let them down a bit, wickets in hand would have been helpful at the death. Trying to hit every delivery is great when it comes off but looks pretty stupid when you are out second ball having smashed a boundary off the first. He’ll learn I guess, just hope he doesn’t learn too quickly, he is clearly a real talent.


It’s all about fine margins though. If Stokes hadn’t (stupidly) reviewed his dismissal in the last game, Tom Curran wouldn’t have been out to (possibly) the worst LBW decision I’ve ever seen in International cricket. Who knows what would have happened if he had hit a quick 20?


Why was the umpire holding a plastic tray ?

Gayle, Buttler protection ?


Yep, also why some umpires have started wearing helmets in T20.


Rarely watch T20.

Some of the umpires do struggle to see the ball from 22yds :smile:


Indeed, the clown that gave Curran out LBW the other night was either blind or asleep.

It can be hard to see a ball when it’s coming towards them at 100mph



This looks like a great signing, Ritchie.


Same old, same old.:weary:


Bizarre game. Most of our batsmen got out playing cross batted shots to short balls. Brainless, even though WI bowled well.

Then Gayle hits 77 off 27 - mental.

The whole game only lasted 40 ish overs.


Frustrating if you bought a ticket. I went to Trent Bridge many years ago for ODI v South Africa and saw a similar number of overs. Stuart Broad skittled them out for 85 which England knocked off in no time.

Barely finished your second pint and all over