Cricket, lovely cricket


The kids have been asking if we’ll go this coming season and I’ll take them just so they are getting into it but I am Essex through and through, so like a few things during their childhood (Frozen, trick or treating, Harry Potter etc, etc) it’ll be under silent duress. “Hey kids, look who Kent have signed for their T20 squad, he’s an animal!” Thinks: I’m so looking forward to watching him get a succession of low scores, dropping catches and generally being shite before fucking off with his tail between his legs. :smiling_imp: :grin:


Parents lying/pretending to their kids ? Whodathunkit ?


This, and self-medication through alcohol, seems to have worked for us.



“For us to lose in such a fashion – I think they were embarrassed,” the head coach said. “In a macabre sort of way it might be exactly what we needed. Like a wakeup call.

I reckon the whole tour has been a wakeup call. :+1:


First T20

WI - 160

Run chase looking a bit strange atm. England 31-1 off 2 overs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well we won by 4 wickets with 7 balls to spare, but there were a couple of slips and trips on the way.

Bairstow hit a great 68 and Denly played very nicely for his 30.

Windies fielding was atrocious. Again.


A win with 2.1 overs remaining, but it read fairly scrappy at the end.




BBC scorecard reads 18.5 overs?


Leaving 1.1 overs to get to 20 ???




Btw, Rashid was utter class. Again.


Haha! :grin:


He’s really good in limited overs when the batsmen have to attack him. :+1:


Ramprakash dropped as Test batting coach

Test batting coach Mark Ramprakash has just Tweeted to say he has been told he will not be involved in the Ashes series against Australia, which starts on 1 August this year.


Second T20 starts at 8pm. WI won the toss and field first.

Power play over.

6 overs England 39-4 …

and before @unclepuncle gets his favourite catch phrase in, I’ll get mine in first

Fuck off Paul.


I fully expected England to recover from their poor start.:+1:


Very good recovery from England thanks to Root (55) and especially Sam Billings (87)


Decent total. Need to get Gayle early :wink:

I’m sure you did


46 off the last two overs is more like it!


Indeed, Billings was superb.