Current values for 401/SME3009

Brother of a work colleague is looking to sell a fairly standard 401/3009 setup that they have had for a while and apparently hasn’t had much interest. What sort of value is there at the moment for those sort of things in working but presumably unrestored condition? (Possibly one for @Ruprecht)

In Woodford Green apparently, if that makes a difference. Modwombles, feel free to classify this if required.

Searching Ebay for sold items gives you the current value

Currently anything between £550 to £700 depending on pics/ description.
You need to be prepared to pack and post and it could be gone in 7 days!

In that condition £500.

@ £500 you’d sell a dozen, nearer £1k . Posting is always the issue with these things, its time consuming but worth the effort when it comes to sales.

That’s Bob’s buy price, not his sell price :wink:


I seem to remember that TT on eBay last week.

Yes, I saw that one - I pay cash

I sold my 401 motor unit only, for £700, the buyer drove up from london to Collect.

There’s a lot on the market at the moment - look at completed listings on eBay. By rights this combination should be in the £900-£1K region minus fees + shipping woe. PM if your friend wants a meaty solution