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I know a few of you read CVs in your day to day job so a quick question. If a person (my son in this case) has held multiple positions (basically promotions within the same department) within one company should the CV read from the latest position first or chronologically? I.e. Started as trainee. Promoted to position A, promoted to shift lead, promoted to team lead etc.

Chronologically reads better to me but some people say it should definitely be the current position first.

I always look for the most recent first, which should be obvious whatever the order.

I would prefer reverse-chronological ordering starting with the most recent.


What Simon said.


Sadly too many CVs are skim-read. You absolutely need to get your most important point across first, a la LinkedIn, because otherwise they may never get to it. I imagine his current, most senior position is the most relevant and impressive and I’d definitely lead with that.


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Agree with above. Most relevant first and do your sales pitch on the first side of A4.


As I suspected. Thanks all.

We don’t accept them anymore for applications to permanent positions.

It should be listed as one job though - just describe the job and responsibilities now, and put that he was promoted four times. I don’t see any point in describing the more junior roles.

As mentioned, most current position first.

Make sure the LinkedIn profile is up to date (and fully in line with CV).
LinkedIn WILL BE consulted if you get invitations.
‘Profile’ description on LinkedIn is imo helpful and should be a correct reflection of yourself. It’s like an elevator pitch.

Furthermore, I have a profile integrated in my CV, because of the skim reading.
Block 1: personal data.
Block 2: profile, describing my experiences and personal characteristics in bullet points. e.g.

  • xx years experience in international project management
  • overview with attention for details
  • etc

After that, the regular blocks with experience, education etc.
This is not the most conventional layout, but skim readers will see what kind of profile I have.
Whatever you’ll write, it should be you and you should be able to give examples of situations to underline/elaborate what you said about yourself in an interview.
Wish your son best of luck!