If you can get me the parts off that for £500 then count me in. :grinning:


I don’t think the cycle business is working on 90% gross margins :thinking:


Nor do I but, but we’re talking Aston Martin here not the industry on average. Putting exaggeration to one side then how much do you genuinely think the Aston Martin bike really costs to make? Even employing high elves in the manufacturing and using dragon scales and unicorn horn it couldn’t cost more than 20-30% surely?


Or a bell.


No ejector seat = not interested.



Do believe that’s a Storck Fascenario frame, £5.5k, complete bike with those components not more than £10-12k and a very expensive paint job!

£15k can get you something rather more exotic from the likes of AX Lightness or Lightweight

Yep, that says 4.4 kg


Now then the bike in the previous post would do rather nicely for the event a group of us signed up for this morning

174km, 5500m of climbing, read several blogs this morning all describe the event as torture

La Marmotte

Any other mad souls interested get your skates on, registration started at midnight and if it’s not sold out already it’s always done well within 24hrs


mental. my 5 year olds bike weighs 6.3kg :stuck_out_tongue:


But the heaviest component is the fat nut on the saddle, and you weigh fuck all Neil.


Probably double that, with pedals…:smirk:


I would break that…

I have previously broken steel, titanium & aluminium hardtail frames.


Must be an Isla bike, they’re very good


£15k and you want pedals…

Nice pair of Ultralight’s would add a beefy 72g




Fuck. That’s when 200grams of weight saving is worth paying for.


Difficult to say but as you know more than I do economics of mass manufacturing are probably fairly consistent these days, so 25-30% cost of production would probably feel about right for a volume manufacturer. For small scale bespoke Framebuilder would need to be nearer 20% …I’m guessing? But the hipsters won’t mind shelling out for the bespoke latest, so its a different market.

On the volume side net profits significantly depend on how much they can squeeze the retailers…

Direct to customer companies like Canyon can provide much lower prices by cutting out the retailer.


Excellent Dan - I would have loved to try it but I really don’t think I’d be able to manage it now :frowning_face:

When I rode the L’Etape Du Tour in 2013 the guy I was sharing a room with had the intention of doing both the Marmotte on the Saturday and the Etape on the Sunday.

He arrived back about midnight and collapsed into bed and didn’t surface until 3pm on the Sunday :joy:

He said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done - not to put you off or anything Dan.


Blimey. I’ve done this the last two years and that was hard enough:

Only 3800 metres…


Fuelled on good Riesling?

Looks like a good event, Trois Ballons? Grand Ballon has quiet a reputation

The profile reminds me of the comments of the guy who introduced me to the existence of La Marmotte. He did it in 2012 and at the time said he rode within himself and completed in about 8-8.30 hrs. He felt the Chiltern 100 was harder, 20+ short sharp climbs over the same distance never gives you respite. On the Marmotte he said he was able to recover from the climbs due to the length of the descents. The profile above looks rather more like the Chiltern, particularly the nasty little kick at the end!


It’s the Alsacienne, the middle-length version, which is more than hard enough for me. I also did the Trois Ballons this year, again not the big one, but it did finish on the Planche des Belles Filles. A great feeling when you’re at the top but an absolute pig to get there. There were riders head in hands at the side of the road.