Much nicer bike, I agree. :+1:

It has a 2x11 set up, as opposed to 3x9, and is 2lb lighter.


Cube are very good at this sort of money

(different colours available)

As and when the time comes put a light set of wheels on. From there you’d need to spend a fair wack of cash before you notice much improvement. I had a men’s version and did just that, when I changed the frame to a nice carbon job I kinda wished I’d left well alone. Marginal gains at best.

Know where a deal may be available too…


£13 a month on finance over 4 years FFS! - that’s like two flat whites a month @ London prices, or two bottles of Becks etc. That’s no brainer finance for anyone who has any sort of job.



I need to decide whether to replace my smashed commuter with a different singlespeed, another kona paddy wagon, or something else entirely…


Time for an upgrade old boy and we could be twinses - amazing bike I love mine I does :heart_eyes:


Good time to buy, plenty of offers about

Met Paddy a couple of times, he regaled with stories of big wet rooty trails in the forests of Washington State. Lived and breathed it.


I’m thinking a build around a Pearson steel singlespeed frame. Ritchey classic silver finishing kit.

Really fancy the h plus son TB14 rims, but they’re too much to justify really :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinlin do a similar box section shiny rim for a 1/3rd of the price


Mate lent me some rollers to try…

Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance in the slaughterhouse thread

Willing to bet I fall off and break a rib, after them surviving the car accident


Take them off immediately :man_facepalming:


You turning into a hipster :grinning:


boom tish


Well…I’m sold on the singlespeed thing for commuting, and for the RRP of the kona, the Pearson build should come in a couple of kg lighter.

The kona and the pearson are the few singlespeed frames that are actually road rather than track bike geometry…something that’s so hard to find thanks to hipsters apparently, because it’s trendy to ride track bikes so that’s where the market is


You can be an anti-hipster then. :+1:

If your going for the Pearson then get everything you want on it and don’t scrimp for the sake of it - I’m glad I paid that bit extra on my Maratona as it’s an amazing ride (ooh matron).


I got some last year, keep your wits about, can go spectacularly wrong in the blink of an eye, particularly if you place them in front of the TV while watching Le Tour. Funny how the brain thinks you’re in the midst of the peleton and pitches you into the turn… I still use a chair or some such either side in case of emergency. Still, prefer them to a static, best of luck.

Pearson are a solid shop, won’t go wrong there.


Seems like Froome/Sky have questions to answer about drugs use at the Vuelta.

Looking more and more like they will be tainted with the use of tue’s and stuff. Ah well.





Yeah TUE’s are a great idea aren’t they :roll_eyes:


I personally don’t see this as much of a story compared to the recent Wiggins debacle.
Froome is legitimately asthmatic. Let’s face it, he’s one of the only riders in the peloton who should be using this medication (though in legal amounts).
Everyone else is doing it and they have no right to.