The problem for Froome is summarised in this fact from the article -

Under World Anti-Doping Agency rules, riders are allowed a level of 1,000 nanograms per millilitre. However, the 32-year-old was found to have twice that in a urine sample taken during the Tour of Spain.


He just breathed in a bit too energetically.


It’s disappointing - I used to think UK sports was cleaner than most. Now I don’t


Question is - how many puffs on an inhaler would be required to register the amount found in Froome’s sample?
If less than a dozen I find it grossly unfair that he could be fucked for this and the rest of the peloton get away with use of asthma medication they shouldn’t have access to.


Immaterial. There’s a limit, he was over it, and its the individual athlete’s responsibility to manage their intake of all and supplements and substances that will show up in their bloodstream.


Athletics is funmentally broken. You can’t always compete as you were born - just look as Caster Semenya. I remember Paula Radcliffe saying that she should have drugs/surgery o bring her down to the women’s hormonal norm. Then you’re allowed these therapeutic use exemptions if you’re provably ill, but it’s clear that they are regularly abused.

There isn’t a fair system. Once you recognise that, you can enjoy it for what it is, which is some amazing people doing amazing things.


Semenya is an exceptional case. TUE’s could be eliminated or more strictly controlled tomorrow.

People can do amazing things without drugs and illegal supplementation and that’s the way it should be.


I actually prefer it spelled this way :smile:


I can’t be bothered pointing out the ridiculousness of your agument. Go and sit in a corner.




I do know off the top of my head another gender cheat - man with small bits passes himself off as woman and wins high jump medals in 1936 -


I thought that there were another two African athletes (similar to Semenya) competing at the moment.


Possibly but the point I was making is that this kind of athlete is relatively rare compared to the scale of widespread misuse of TUE’s.

Also TUE’s and banned drugs are not themselves enablers of amazing performance - they enable those that cheat to try to eek out a fractional competitive advantage to attempt to win medals and honours.


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A bit terrifying to start with but I managed, and without any disasters! Even managed changing hand positions, which i was pleased with. I enjoyed it- much more fun than a turbo


Interesting point of view from someone in the know.

A report from the Telegraph about Froome.


Awesome link.


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Now the take a swig from a bottle 30 mins in… it can be done (: One the guys I ride with manages to continue arms folded across his chest. (I prefer outdoors to hours of practice inside!)