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Don’t know what’s in that article but on the subject

I was pretty sceptical last year when the shenanigans around Wiggins and the high use of ‘legal’ drugs and TE’s for allergies amongst the Pro Peleton broke. Seemed a bit odd that the proportion of riders on this stuff is way higher the the general population. Then;

Having had a shitty winter of sinus issues and cold after cold I finally went to the Dr in the spring. Symptoms described then diagnosed as chronic inflammation of the sinus caused by allergy. Not something I’d ever been particularly bothered by in the past. When I told her I cycled she immediately replied ‘there you go, outside on the roads in amongst all the potential allergens you could want to meet’. The basic conversation went, one begets the other. I was prescribed a steroid nasal spray and it cleared in a week.

With the Pro’s out there all the time it turns out it’s not so big a surprise after all that a high proportion have allergy issues.

Having said all that I’m sure some sale closer to the wind than others.


Tony Martin not a happy man


He has a point.


Tom Fordyce on Froome


Bitches be fightin’


Meant to say there are very good Sufferfest training videos on Strava that you can access as your a premium member.

Ideal for roller work :+1:


Doing this.


30 mins on the rollers yesterday

@defride I doubt I’m up to attempting a bottle yet- I had a few hairy moments just flicking from the time to heart rate screen on my garmin :stuck_out_tongue:

…but that’s good…scope for improvement means it’s not a waste of time.

@spacehopper cool, I’ll check that out. I think it’ll be a while before I’m comfortable doing the rollers in the living room heheh


I can only manage an hour on them as I get so bored although they do give you a good workout.


I got myself a Tacx Vortex and a couple of videos. Not the cheapest, but keeps me interested.


Opinions on Eagle 12 speed geareset? Friend of friend who owns bike shop has offered one of these for wifey inside original budget -



1x12, blimey!

I have a SRAM XX1 (1x11 speed) set-up on my full-suss. If the build quality of that is anything to go by, I’m sure the Eagle will be good stuff.


Can’t comment on their mtb grousets but I really like SRAM road bike groupsets and have it on my three bikes. I’ve put thousands of miles into them without any problems including full winter riding.

I like the idea behind the no front mech it’s one less thing to go wrong tbh.


She now has this bike being prepped in black and blue frame colour :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah the old - think of your original budget and double it :joy:


Well played, you’re going for the old ‘I’ll get you some pedals for your birthday luv’ wheeze. :+1:


Under a grand :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice looking bike :+1:


Result - a lot of bike for the money :+1: