And the best thing, that’s the agony of trying to find her something for Xmas that she probably wouldn’t like anyways, sorted :+1:


Bit of a pain to wrap mind


Drape a little tinsel over the handlebar; job done



She’ll never guess what that is either




I’m afraid she knows exactly what she’s getting. I took her to the shop and let her talk to the owner about what she wanted and he sold her on the SRAM Eagle gear set and once she sat on the bike she was sold.

10-50 teeth on the back, bloody hell thats got some range!


I assume you chose for her a bike that fits you better than her and a colour scheme you like.


Bike’s too big for me! Hel’s inside leg is about 4" longer than mine :blush:


Another bike pic with no pedals, ffs

Selling a bike with no pedals is like selling a car with no throttle pedal…


There are many different pedals. 'Tis a personal choice.


Just cos this about your level Jim


Ridiculous. There’s loads of different wheels, frames, brakes, gears, bells etc, but they don’t leave them off


Perhaps a cycling thread is not for you.


This more your size?


Be careful. Capes can easily get caught in spokes.


Strange as it might seem, I do actually have a bike :grin:




You should use it to cycle on. You might like it.