This type ? :grinning:


:notes: … on a bicycle made for four :notes:


Creative Strava-ing.


Don’t get out in a group much on an MTB anymore but went out last weekend with about 25 or so. Nearly all were on Sram and smashing the heck out of it.

Cracking deal on that, lovely bike




Very cool that Allan and a fucking awesome year :+1:


It is quite a nifty graphic Ben and not too shabby although my mate’s is a belter and kinda puts me to shame. Funny thing - when it showed who you ride the most with I have no fucking idea who Colin is :joy:


Your virtual gay friend no doubt :rofl:




Mine’s rather more modest but it’s a good motivation for next year…


Here’s mine, also rather modest, although one quick excuse, my Garmin had a problem connecting to anything for about three months, so it’s a bit higher in reality…:wink:

Makes you think about next years target though.

I also have no idea who Matt is…


Just finished this. Phenomenal


Managed to sneak out for a couple of hours this morning. Took the full-suss up to Leigh Woods to get muddy.


Lovely bike - after years of road biking I’m fancying getting muddy again, for a couple of months anyway. Who knows why…probably because I’m an old-ish fucker with an irrational desire to retrieve my youth/risk breaking my neck… and more than anything I could do with a break from the smotheringly smug Lycra roadie brigade in Surrey.

Oh I do know why :wink:



I like to build my own bikes, and this was no exception. I am especially proud of the wheels which are carbon rims on lightweight DTSwiss hubs. I’ve only ever built 5 set of wheels, and this was the first and only carbon-rimmed set. They haven’t broken so far…


Impressive stuff Gareth :+1:


Must get out more this year and burn off the excess lard accumulated. Slacked off the weekend riding last year for various reasons, and it shows.

At least I still have the commute - between 12 and 16 miles per day.


The commuting is good for keeping the old legs going but it’s hard going over the winter. I don’t really know what my goals are for the bike this year.

Nearly hit the 6,000 mile mark last year, much to my surprise, but after doing our ride from Pitlochry in Sep I ended up pretty unwell and couldn’t be bothered with the bike for weeks.

I’ve put on a bit of weight as well but that is pretty much down to not being out on the bike that much as much as eating and drink too much. :kissing:

We have the ModRocker Sportive in Northumberland in April to train for so need to get my arse in gear.


“Ride more” is about the sum of my plans! Which isn’t difficult.


Aim is to get back on the bike for me too - lost my motivation over last month or so, as work and stuff took over. But will be back on soon.