Perhaps you should ride a little faster and you might find out :smile:


I’ve decided to give this year a go. First goal is simply to beat last years rubbish total of 907 miles. I’ve been out twice this week for the first time in months. I’m not going far, or fast yet, but I’m choosing hilly routes. In one Strava club I was 52 out of just over a hundred riders after two rides, yet when I looked at the elevation I was 11th and every one around me had easily done two to three times the mileage. Hopefully go out again tomorrow afternoon, or Saturday if the bloody rain ever stops.


I’m too old to ride any faster :grinning:


I’d still love to join for that, but not sure what chance I have of being in any sort of shape for it- it’s a lot of climbing for the distance!


This might be a better option Neil - we’re doing this as well :+1:


Looks interesting!

Any idea what sort of time you’re aiming to do the mod rocker in?


I’m more inclined to try and enjoy the route rather than worry about times these days. We’re heading down a day early to get a smaller ride in the day before to enjoy some new scenery :+1:


Me too, it was more to get an idea of whether I’d be holding you back if I was able to make it :stuck_out_tongue:


I rather think it’d be the other way about Neil - I think my quickest average for a longer run was no more than 16.5 - more likely to be around the 15’s.

I sometimes struggle to keep up my training partner these days :pensive:


What I do fancy is heading up to Mallaig in June for a few days and, hopefully, cycling back home via Glencoe :+1:


@NAM Have you decided on a new bike ? This came through on their email - very nice bike


I do love a titanium frame! You can buy a carbon frame for peanuts these days, but I love the ride on a Ti bike.


Always fancied trying a Titanium frame but always a bit over my budget when I was looking to buy.

I would probably have went for this one instead of the Maratona I bought but can’t complain as it’s an absolute belter of a bike.


I’ve ridden a Van Nicholas Yukon for the last 10 years. It’s currently set up with flat bars and a 1x10 XT groupset. It’s my commuter and general runabout. You can ride it all day. The frame really takes some of the harshness away on crap roads.


Never tried a titanium but always fancied one too, especially for the commute into London - that looks lovely and a good price. Always liked the Enigmas but a bit more spendy


Ready for Test Hill Ben?




The Enigmas are nice but I thought the PX was superb vfm. It’s an identical build (apart from the frame and forks) to my Maratona.


We got lots of laughs at the park at me racing my son with me riding my daughters new 14" wheel bike :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do I have visions of Competitive Dad