Haha I let him win :wink:


Out for another ride tomorrow morning. Can’t decide between hardtail or full-suspension. Hardtail is always more of a full body workout as you can’t sit down and ride through and up the same stuff you can on a squishy bike. Hmmm.




That’s decided then!


Splendid with added pics of course :+1:


Will try and remember to get a shot of the bike before we start (when you can actually see it, instead of mud)


I used to do this off road every weekend. Kept me fit.


Before and after please


Here’s the after picture. The before pics for some reason didn’t work… user error no doubt. Trails were much drier this week, so not a lot of mud gathered :+1:

Stopped for a harbour side coffee on the way home :sunny:


That looks a bit too clean Gareth - I think you bypassed the trail and went straight to the cake shop. :grinning:

Nice bike btw :+1:


What can I say? I ride so hard that the mud doesn’t have time to stick… :coffee::cake:


Dangerous place :wink:

I came off my mountain bike and broke my pelvis going down dark hill to Kingston Gate last year:roll_eyes:


This meme has been around too long to be funny. Except sometimes.


'Twas once true for me that. Nowadays I’ve settled down with my four “girlfriends”…


Thought this was a good idea


New Planet X Space Chicken :heart_eyes:


Good article by Herbie Sykes




Another good article by Laura Meseguer


I suppose it was coming after my miraculous near miss before Christmas so today my luck finally ran out and I was knocked down by a car.

Luckily there’s no lasting damage to me or the bike, although the driver went home to change his kecks I think, but a timely reminder nonetheless of just how fucking vulnerable you are on a bike.