Glad to hear you’re OK


Glad you’re OK. It is very frightening being knocked off like that.

I once got “doored” on a main road. I went flying over the handlebars, and as I hit the ground I heard the screech of tyres. I opened my eyes to see the front near side wheel of the following car about two feet from my head.



Scary indeed - getting “doored” is my biggest fear on a main road.

I was lucky in that it happened as I crested a small hill so speeds were low. You like to think your reactions are good but the reality is it’s pure luck.


I must have upset the cycling god’s this week. Nearly side swiped by a 4x4 pulling out from a side street going into work today.

Ooo sorry I didn’t see you - not shit Sherlock. Cunt.


More like.

Glad you’re OK.




Close call. Glad your ok.
Out and about today testing a Rapha winter jacket which I picked up for an unbelievable £40. Windproof and waterproof. Was proper toasty I tell thee.


Just signed up for the medium Alsacienne at the end of June. 129 km & 3700m of climbing.
I need to lose some weight :frowning:


@Rob998 @crimsondonkey @BoogerBenson Thanks guys :+1:

Luckily both incidents have been on a hill so involved slowish speeds - they say things come in threes so that’s a wee bit worrying :smiley:

Nice one Matt - scoring a Rapha jacket for £40 is some bargain :+1:

@nafaiutb just a small challenge then :smiley:


Glad you’re OK Allan - I hope the cycling gods will smile on you henceforth.

Statistically cycling is supposed to be safe but it doesn’t always feel like that from the number of my fellow cyclists who’ve had accidents.


Thanks Ben - I hope so I’ll be out tomorrow for a bigger run :+1:

I think what makes it worse is that when the guy hit me on wedneday I was about five minutes from my house and had just nipped out to pick up a parcel from the Post Office. Yesterday was just my usual near-miss during my commute to work - sad that it’s just becomes a routine part of my commute.

Funnily enough my wife worries more when I go on the big day long runs but I have had more incidents within ten miles of the house than anywhere else - I don’t tell he that though as she’s be doing her nut. :grinning:


Likewise, glad you’re ok!


Cheers old boy - you know only to well how it feels

The upside is it’s gave me an excuse to buy some new bike shiny :+1:


Opinions on hassle of converting wife’s bike to runflats?

3 punctures in a week. Would different tyres help, I know you can’t eliminate them but a bit more protection would be useful.


If they are the tyres that came with the bike get better ones.


What features constitute better?


I would assume the bike came with good tyres given the level of spec on it but maybe more suited to spring / summer riding therefore a bit lighter than the heavier winter tyres ? What tyres are they ?

Before doing anything else run you bare fingers around the inside of the tyre to see if there is a glass splinter or something still stuck in the tyre and protruding through which will pucture any new inner tube again. Also, check the tyre doesn’t have a gash in it (giggidy), if so bin it.

It’s also worth running a lower tyre pressure in the winter.

This can help but not 100% obvs.

Another unconnected tip for winter riding which I have painful first-hand experience of. New inner tubes often come with a small lock nut that locks the valve in place once it’s fitted - don’t use them. Over the winter all the crud can cause them to seize into place and you can’t get them off after a puncture so your raging, in the middle of nowhere, in the pissing rain so you turn into the Incredible Hulk :grinning:


Are the punctures happening on or off road or both? If theyre MTB tyres then they shouldn’t be puncturing that much on road and it may be that a thorn or glass shard is embedded in the tyre as Allan suggests. If it’s off-road then it’s not so unusual to have a run of flats especially if you’re hitting sharp rocks in puddles etc.

I’ve always rated the Conti tyres and the Gator skin range is v puncture resistant. Cost more but worth it


These are fantastic for puncture free commuting :+1:


Not sure about off road tyres but I use Gator hardshells on my winter bike. Not the time of year to be getting punctures. They might be a bit slow, but I am a fat lazy fuck, who doesn’t like getting his fingers cold.