My wife commutes to work on & off and so far touch wood, no punctures. She’s got Schwalbe marathon plus tyres on her bike - seem to be very tough.


Marathon Plus probably the gold standard for bomb proof commuting. I was impressed with how nice the Vittoria’s were to ride, given their puncture resistance, but you won’t go wrong with the Marathon’s if lack of punctures is your main concern


A good compromise between weight and puncture resistance are Schwalbe Durano Double Defence. I’m on my second set, having worn through the first pair in 2 years of commuting (no punctures).


Sorry to hear that Alan, good to hear no serious damage.

Ride safe all!


Cheers Dan - just had a run of bad luck so fingers crossed that’s it done :+1:


Robin Williams cycle collection


After 18 years off the bike I’ve committed to cycling the London to Brighton on June 17th (what a way to spend my birthday). Bought a turbo trainer for indoor training in this crap weather.

My great nephew, Maxwell, needs a heart transplant. His mother, Sophie, had a transplant 10 years ago and sadly lost her young daughter to a similar heart defect a few years ago. So I’m cycling with family and friends to raise money towards Maxwell’s treatment for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

You can read about it here:


Thanks Jim - much appreciated.


Thanks Wayne - very kind.



Brings all of the recent Olympic achievements by the British cycling team into question too.


Certainly does. You just can’t believe anything you see in sport now.


His Olympic cycling team mates knew. You could see them distancing themselves in post race interviews.


Also the Sky team. But does this mean that Froome’s achievements will also come under scrutiny?




From last week


Wouldn’t be surprised if Sky pull the plug. Whilst every team is under scrutiny these days, I wouldn’t have thought anyone would have confidence in Team Sky for a long time to come, so not great advertising for them.


Perhaps they should rename it “Pie in the Sky” team. :smirk:


Team Lie


Maybe Team Murdoch would be more appropriate then? It would explain how the written records were unavailable obviously as only telephone records were of interest.