There is an excellent upside however


Oh yes my favourite pint in all the world


I’ve never had a pint of it despite having many many bottles of it. Something I intend to remedy when next in the Big Smoke. :+1:


Ahh - that explains the surfeit of tweed wandering around Herne Hill last night (I live just up the road and was out for a pint or two).


Folding bike FTW! Pissed off with chucking money away with parking and tube fares, I’m commuting partly by bike. Still a fat cunt but I get to stop for good coffee if I feel like it. Which is nice…


If my job ends up being too far to commute entirely by bicycle, I’ll be getting me one of those origami bikes.


Thought of sorting my bike out the other day


You must be exhausted. Maybe sit down and have a rest?


The cycling bug has really caught me.
Spent the last six weeks trying to fit in 3-4 rides per week.
Gradually losing weight (approx 17 lbs so far) and getting fitter.
Riding the BHF London to Brighton at 7am on Sunday, then a MK 50 miler on 8th July.
I need to sign up for some late Summer/Autumn sportives to keep this going now.


Indeed,once i saw that the chain and back brake had ceased i gave up


Well done Phil you sound like me after I took it up in 2012 - it’s the single best thing I’ve done for my own well being :+1:

If you can keep cycling as much as you can over the winter you will notice a huge difference next year.


Allan, you needn’t worry, I’ve not ridden a bike since Feb, going through some hip/hamstring rehab at the mo, fingers crossed may start to get out again in the next couple of weeks.

Get the Ab club up and running, will join if invited!

Phil, it’s amazing how quickly cycling can turn fitness around. One of the lads I’ve been riding with pulled a photo of himself from 4 years ago out the other day. No one could believe it he must have been 20 stone +. He’s now one of the quickest/strongest riders at our club. Spurred on by his doctor telling him, ‘stop drinking, start exercising and don’t eat so much, YOU FAT GIT’. Worked. Imagine you’re starting from a much better place than he did, hope you continue to enjoy. Chiltern 100, even the Medio is a good test, mid-end of July iirc


Just back from a hungover ride, feeling much better than I did when I set off this morning. Two coffee stops and a fried-egg sandwich en route helped a lot.

Time for a Father’s Day nap :sleeping:


Your slow is still quicker than my fast Dan :grinning: Joking aside hope the rehab is going well and your back to your best soon. :+1:


Had a thoroughly enjoyable day riding London to Brighton yesterday.
There were riders of varying ability/fitness in our group.
Two of us made it up Ditchling Beacon without pushing, me being the fastest/first up the hill. Was only overtaken by one rider up Ditchling - a rather seasoned looking roadie.
The ride took me 4 hrs 2 mins - reckon I could easily do 3.5 hrs without having to pace for the slower riders we had with us yesterday.

Will resume training rides on Wednesday for the MK 50 miler in a fortnight, then I’ll be booking some sportives after our Florida holiday.
What a great way to lose weight and get fit!!


Nice one Phil
Ditchling is a bugger towards the end of the ride and seen as a challenge
You can hardly get a car up there at weekends for bikes.
there are some nutters who do it with a single gear fixed wheel.


My bad :roll_eyes:


Very nice.
I used to have an Adroit Pro in koi colours.
Was a terrific climbing hardtail.


It a belter for it’s age and impressivley light for a 20 yo bike - the quality of the frame is superb. It does need a good dose of tlc so it will be a project as I’ve had some serious issues with my road bike that has swallowed up any funds.

It’ll take some getting used to riding a mtb again as it feels so different to the road bike so knowing my penchant for crashing I’ll take it easy on it.

I don’t intend to do any serious off-road stuff just get a bit of variety in my cycling so I’m thinking long term of getting it back to an all rigid set-up and put some narrower tyres on. A nice set of Pace rigid forks @Waxy would look the business and maybe lower the front end a bit.