I have a set of Pace rigid forks that I might sell.

Note though that they have a 1" diameter steerer, and are the shorter 420mm length, axle to crown. If suitable we would also need to check that the steerer is long enough. They are IS disc mount forks, but bolt on v-brake mounts are available for them.

PM me if you like


Sorry wasn’t mooching Gareth :grinning: It was more to pick your brains as I’m so out of date with MTB stuff. I doubt they would fit anyway as I think it’s a 1 1/8 steerer but will check.

It’s a long term project as funds are scarce so will likely be next year before any major work is done. I want to simplify the set up and just make it a good runabout and maybe do a bit of fire road typse stuff rahter than proper off roading.

I have noticed that mtb equipment is even more mental than road with the different wheel sizes etc being a 26" wheel machine it may be a bit more complicated getting the set up I want ?

The other thing is whether to get it resprayed or leave well alone :thinking:


If you respray that frame, you are bonkers.

I think you need longer forks than then Pace RC31 hanging up in my garage. You should be able to pick up a decent second-hand steel fork for £20 or so. If you were close by I could fit them for you, but a decent local bike shop should be able to do it without charging you a fortune. The specialist tools really help when it comes to fitting forks and headsets.


Aye your right about the frame it was a momentary lack of judgement. :pensive:

Ideally I’d like to get the riding position as close to my road bikes as I can so will take time and a lot of trail and error I think. It needs a service and the dude I go to is very good so I can get his thoughts as well.


My 2p.

If it was my bike, I’d leave the frame/forks/wheels as they are, service it and whack on some low profile tyres.

You can then sort out your riding position, and adjust or replace the saddle/seat-post/stem/bars as you wish.

It is a buyers market, so bargains are to be had on eBay etc for components.


Sound advice old chap. I take it 26" wheels are soooooooooooooo last year - 29" are where the action is ?


I am a short-arse. 26" wheels are fine for me. I think most new MTBs these days are 27.5/650b. Over the years I have invested too much in building my own 26" wheels to go changing. Plus, I am getting older/fatter/slower. Bigger wheels won’t help that.


I take it your a dab hand with all things mechanical on the bike if you build your own wheels. :+1:


Nice ride out with Hel along the local country lanes yesterday evening, clocking up about 20 miles. Plenty of hills so feeling it this morning.


My new ride

Will make an effort not to leave it outside some random bar after a few shandies, only to wake confused and sans velo in the morning :-/


Scott Sub Comfort 20


Ride out with my eldest yesterday in Richmond Park - beautiful warm evening he on his new Van Nicholas titanium beast, basically a much better bike than I have. Not sure what happened there as I seem to have been funding him forever.

Anyway, as he put it, he ‘took his revenge on me’ on the hills for doing same to him in our early days of cycling (I explained it was all part of my educating him). I was hanging on for dear life even on the flats - good fun though and makes me want to train hard to beat the little (well big) bastard.


Welcome one and all to the official AA Strava club

I’ve sent out invites to the guys I’m already connected to on Strava but if anyone else is interested contact me via Strava:

or PM me your email address and I’ll get an invite off via Strava :+1:


Nice one Allan I’m in the club :wink:


I’m in, although I’ve not been using Strava (or riding!) much this year! I will do again at some point


Good lads :+1:

Don’t forget Neil you can log your runs as well - we are nothing if not democratic :grinning:


Request sent


Well my rides are fairly trivial and sedate, but I’ve also just started tracking runs on Strava too so I’ve put in a request to join.


Something nice on ride in this morning. A car beeped me as it was passing. Presumed it was someone that didn’t like cyclists, shot them a dirty look. Turned out it was just an old guy who liked cycling, giving me a smile and a thumbs up. I caught up at the next traffic lights and apologised :stuck_out_tongue:


In like Flynn. Like NAM I haven’t been out much this year so need to get it sorted for Dunwich Dynamo next month!!


I nearly knocked a cyclist off this morning, completely my fault I think - she remonstrated rightly and I rolled down the window and was very apologetic - she was clearly totally wrong-footed that a car driver had actually said sorry, as I would have been. Made me feel slightly better.