If it’s rigid forks you’re after on a budget you’ll not go wrong with these

Worst case keep the Zokes so you can swap to and from reasonably easily if req.

You’ll always regret respraying, the paint job is the heart and soul of a Klein


I’ve accepted all requests I’m in work so will sort any others out when I get home.

I’m thinking of changing the name to The Abattoir Sports Club to be a bit more inclusive ?




Ok how about The Abattoir Gentleman’s Relish Club :grinning:


Don’t cycle much at all now, not since I packed in the racing at 46(:flushed:) in 2008 and started running. Run a lot now in between injuries! So if this club is open to runners I am in:grinning:.


I think ‘exclusive’ no? :slight_smile:


Like the name though Allan; I can visualise that on a rather desirable t-shirt in the future.


I have set the club up as a Triathlon club now as I wasn’t sure if having it as a cycling only club it would omit runs etc - so fire in Keith :+1:


Invite only naturally Ben - don’t want any old riff-raff joining :grinning:


Quick update - all requests accepted. :+1:

Which do you prefer Ben ?

  1. The Abattoir Cycling Club

  2. The Abattoir Sports Club


I like 2. A more distinguished air to it :slightly_smiling_face:




Need a motto at some point too

The poncey Rapha club’s is Ex Duris Gloria — ‘Through Suffering Arises Glory’,

The Angus Bike Chain’s might be more up our Strasse: 100% Angus


Ok I have changed it to The Abattoir Sporting Club :+1:

@Ruprecht can you help with a suitable motto ?


A couple from todays epic ride from Pitlochry to Ranooch Moor Station and back via Schiehallion and Aberfeldy

Looking across to the Three Sisters of Glencoe

The 40 mile from Pitlochry to Rannoch Moor Station was into a brutal headwind so the egg & bacon roll and slice of cake was badly needed.


Motto in the making - Meantime


That is perfect can I steal that as the club pic ?


Haha sure


That would be a great T-shirt.


So good :blush: