I am starting to itch a bit to get out on proper rides again, especially on a stunning day like this. Running doesn’t soothe the soul in the same way a proper excursion into the countryside does.





Winner :slightly_smiling_face:


Doesn’t sport give you the shits?


Defintely :+1:


You know it makes sense mate


Hopefully I’ll get out on a few weekend rides before the summer is out.

I’m curious whether the running + a few 50 milers here and there will translate to being able to do the club ride. Suspect not


Only one way to find out Neil :+1:

Your running will be keeping your fitness at an excellent level so it surely wouldn’t be as hard as you think.


What my Mum always used to tell me - “if you don’t aasc, you won’t get”



Lovely sunny ride into work this morning. Should have just kept going past the gates…


Posting this here rather than the Free Stuff thread as it’s more relevant.

Free to anyone who’d like a Specialized Echelon II helmet as pictured - very little use and in tip top condition.

Size is Large 57cm-63cm with adjustable headband


Yes please!


No probs Wayne pm me your details and I’ll post it off to you tomorrow. :+1:


Scratch that Wayne I still have your address :+1:


Out regular commuting again into that there London; sorting my Garmin out which isn’t transferring onto Strava and the AA CC but will shortly…grrr. Beautiful weather but soooo effing hot, felt exhausted on the ride home tonight, especially after a stressful day at work.

Also got held up by a nasty accident, cyclist, in Putney, road closed - pretty sure it was the guy I rode alongside for most of the ride out of town - he looked like he’d be OK but on a stretcher, neck brace etc.

Always makes you think, but at least you feel alive.


It’s come to the point that if I don’t have at least one near miss on my commute to work then it has been an unusual day. I was nearly flattened by a lorry going through a red light beside me, which I had stopped for btw :slightly_smiling_face:, on Friday which was pretty scary.

I can only imagine how stressful commuting into Central London must be Ben.


Actually it’s not that bad Allan, one of the main issues is too many cyclists and a lot of testosterone. Car drivers mostly OK as they’re used to us buzzing around them and cycle lanes are a big help - I’ll stick my go pro on on one of my rides and post so you can get an impression.


I changed my route to work for the same reasons. Too many eejits treating the commute like a time trial.


I only have to deal with eejits on four wheels mainly as I work backshift so head to work at midday, That said, I have encountered some crackers on two wheels. The twats delivering food on bikes seem to be the new breed of fucktard about here.