Fucktards come in many forms on London roads, hard to pin down, but I’m working on a segmentation as I do the daily commute :wink:


All 'em twats aside, I’m really looking forward to my first circumnavigation of Arran on Thursday and it’s looking as it it will be



That’s a lovely ride. Golf club cafe on the west side is worth a stop for refuelling.


Golf ! - shame on you Sir.


Och, I’m no golfist :grinning:
Machrie is about halfway round from Lamlash, the cafe’s on the road and I was ready for something… You young fit ones will probably go right round on a banana.




Not so young sadly Dave.

My mate has the cafe stops well planned :+1:


I rode through London and it was mostly fine, apart from the centre from the thames to kings X. I got off and walked!


Sorry to bore the tits off you lot with a load of pics from our ride around Arran today but it was a cracker albeit a beast and unusually warm for the West of Scotland :fire::sunny::fire:




Velo cafe


Goat Fell




Looks like a stunning ride on a lovely day.

How far was it, Allan, and how much climbing?


Relive 'Arran'



Looks like a ride to remember.


It’s the first time I’ve done it Gareth and it’s a stunning route but hard going especially in 30 degree heat which is unheard of here.

They call Arran Scotland in miniature which is a good description to be fair.


I went to Arran for a holiday about 25 years ago, never stopped f’in pishing it down, couldn’t see more than 100yds at any time. Never again
Apparently there is a day a decade when it is lovely, glad u nailed it :+1:


The heat makes a big difference, as I’ve found to my cost this week.


I have been on the Arran twice now Simon - one of the coldest weekends on record and today one of the hottest days on record.

It such a shame that a decent spell of warm weather is so rare up here as it makes such a difference to the place.


That’s a great cafe- owners are lovely :+1:


It is - great coffee and excellent fruit loaf although I don’t know if I would have anything substantial as the roads are pretty lumpy going either way.


Nice little topic there - I tend to not eat that much before a ride, banana maybe, half a bagel with jam.

Then typically a coffee and cake stop in the middle of anything over 50 Miles - cherry bakewell #1 followed by Flapjack or maybe Treacle Tart although they sit very heavy.

I wouldn’t have much before climbing hills either.

Longer rides and sportives - take a few gels and those jelly bloc thingies.


I had a 10 inch meatball pizza and a can of coke mid-ride on Tuesday evening, 30 miles into a 50 miler. Meatballs, spicy sausage and bolognese :+1: