Strangely, Allan, I am not under the influence. Just feeling a bit odd.


I bought a Northwave winter jacket last March for £40 and it’s turned out to be an absolute steal.

Even today, I only had a long-sleeved base layer on under it and I was more than warm enough - it’s been one of my best bike clothing buys :+1:


There lies your problem mate.


I am contemplating a prolonged period off the sauce. So more oddness might follow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any particular reason Gareth ?


A quick question - would Shimano Ultegra brake calipers work with SRAM levers ?


I think it will depend on the model of each components, Allan. Even components from the same manufacturer can be incompatible. Google the specific model names and numbers - someone is bound to have tried the combination before.


Cheers Gareth :+1:

I’ll have a look into it but I’m likely creating an issue for no reason I’m probably better sticking to SRAM.



The cable pull ration is different so in theory not an ideal combination. That said Sram calipers are pretty average. I’ve not tried myself but I’ve heard plenty of riders report they get better stopping power from Shimano calipers when using Sram levers.


Thanks Dan.

The Force calipers are very good on the Cannondale but the Rival I have on the PX are ok. I might take a punt on some Ultegra ones and give them a try.


I’ve Red on my Cannondale, they work but not as well as Ultegra I’ve had on a couple of bikes.

I’m pretty sure I’ve a pair of non series (rung below 105) Shimano calipers kicking around you can have if you want them?


If your sure Dan that would be great how much do you want for them ?

I can try them on my winter bike to see how they work with the SRAM levers :+1:


Nothing, will PM