Looks fast even standing still - always a good sign.

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Light, fast, Di2…and a sunny warm day in Feb. Doesn’t get much better than that :wink:


Great comeback. Have to feel for Vogel though.


First sportive of the year this Sunday.
Shutt Velo Rapide Cotswolds Cyclo - 102km and 4159ft of climbing.
Hoping the wind dies down a bit.


Sunday should be good. Wouldn’t go anywhere on a bike on Saturday.
Must get a sportive or summat booked. Need a target.

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Bastard headwind and terrible legs today made for a hard ride (fnarr fnarr)


Managed to miss a turn on the Cotswolds Sportive yesterday.
Resulted in an extra 8 miles and 1500ft of climbing. What a twat!


Nice. Where’s that?

I want to get back into doing a decent amount of cycling, but it’s just not happening at the moment…


Believe it or not it’s about 40 mins from my house - it’s the road up to the Clyde Murshiel Country Park near Lochwinnoch.

It’s a good 3 mile climb normally but I was struggling yesterday with bad legs and a strong headwind no matter which direction I was heading.

No point forcing yourself out Neil if you can’t be arsed - once the weather picks up a bit you might feel like getting back in the saddle.

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2 x KOMs, not very fit and barely having to push on, something to be said for a Force 9 :grinning:

Your legs will thank you for it next weekend

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It’s possible that the driver deserved it.
People sometimes behave like cunts when they drive, even when they don’t otherwise. The difference when it’s a cyclist on the receiving end of the distraction/speeding/aggression/couldn’t give a fuck/etc. instead of a car is that the cyclist dies.


I made no judgement either way.


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that.
It’s just that cycling to work most days I see in some drivers a level of indifference to the safety of other people (i.e. me) that makes me livid.


And yet you still feel the need to justify yourself.
Good for you.

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Some cyclists are cunts too.


Very clever drive/gear change


Amstell Gold, best finish to a bike race ever??

Looked all over with 35km to go, peleton no chance…

Skip through the interview and there’s a replay of the final couple of KM’s (baring in mind they’d done 265km… not flat… to that point!)

Just awesome (cause he’s not even a roadie really)


It was a remarkable win Dan - how on earth they have the energy to sprint full tilt at the finish is mind-boggling.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season develops as there is a great batch of younger riders coming through.


Never mind the final sprint he pulled back over a minute pretty much on his own in the last 3km then went on to out sprint the hangers on (albeit JA & JF were playing with each other, MK & MS weren’t!) . That’s mind-boggling over 265km