DAC suggestions

How about an Auralic Altair. Streamer and dac in one box. There is used one on pfm at a good price

Not sure if it covers all your criteria but there is quite a comprehensive review here

Not heard these, but supposed to be good. Not sure what chip is inside. It’s an analogue pre also & streamer.

Think this version may be above 2k, but bound to be used or ex dem around.

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:+1: I’ve been looking at that, and at the Lumin D2 which basically is a one-stop shop when it comes to my requirements. The ability to feck about with the Raspberry Pi, or change it for the next Pi based thing for buttons is very tempting though.

I had issues with a Bryston DAC that Oldius was selling. I couldn’t get it to do things that my el-cheapo Moon would do (e.g. play 24/192 files via my moon streamer). I’ll have a look at the Chord though.

Cheers Steve, but ideally I’m after a DAC only. I have a Stax setup for headphone set up so am looking to pay for DAC functionality only if possible. That is why I started this thread. As an example, the Mytek Brooklyn will do everything I need but also is an analog pre-amp, phono stage etc. I’m after a DAC would rather pay for a top spec machine without all the bells and whistles if I can.

I sense this is the one you’re seeking confirmation for :smile:

The chord qutest is worth an audition then.
It’s what I have minus a few super caps and headphone gubbins.
If my new amp arrives you are welcome to borrow the Hugo for a listen.

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:grin: There is one for sale near to me at a good price. Personally, I’m sceptical about it as it is much more than a dac. The Auralic Vega was the machine I was most likely to go for. In an ideal world I would like to take one of these for a spin:


However there is a major budget fail involved with that…

@unclepuncle 's Black Dragon?


Although @Ciderpig would probably refuse to sell you one.

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He would be feckin’ right too given my budget!

My Dac sold for £820 on ebay.

Highly recommend it though if you can find one.

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Had the Vega, liked it.

Had the original Chord Hugo and Mojo running in my main system and loved them.

Now have a Bricasti much more expensive, great… but not that much betterer than the Chord DACs

I haven’t heard it but the Hugo 2 would be worth a try.


I’ve never had any problems with the Bryston connecting it to streamers (Node 2 and Raspberry Pi based) and it handles 24/192 flawlessly.

I think it was an issue with Geoff’s DAC. He sent it off to be looked at. I have a vague recollection that there was an issue with the firmware.

What about any of the Metrum DACs? Have heard very good things about most of their range.

The Altair is a streamer really Wayne and I’m after a DAC. I’m more likely to try the Vega G2 if I go with an Auralic. Just on reading around, this seems like a decent prospect though:

Fecking fugly though :grin:

Doh! Hangover has reduced my already limited Monday morning brainpower :man_facepalming:

I’ve also heard very good things about the Exogal Comet.

But have you heard any DACs yourself?


I’ve heard my neighbours sister’s boyfriend is seeing the milkman’s daughter.

Although I think it may just be a Daz advert i saw.
I’d stay clear.

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