Have come to the conclusion that getting a dac is the best way to go. Squeezebox sounds OK, Sony qs dvd/cd sounds v good, sky box sounds OK to good

Is there a cheap option to raise the quality of the sb and sky box, and even the Sony?

Go with a Topping DAC, various model to choose from, sensibly low prices too!

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Loads on ebay, see there is a d10 finishing tomorrow

Any good?

I have a D10 in my office system. It’s OK, but single-input USB only. OK for a computer source, no use for anything else.

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I use the SMSL Sanskrit Mk 2 (well, five of them), which have USB, coax and optical inputs. £100 on Amazon, less if you order from the SMSL store in Europe like I did.

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Buy direct from the UK from the official store here

£73.95 30%OFF | SMSL Sanskrit 10th SK10 Hifi Digital Decoder AK4490 PCM384 DSD256 DAC Pre-out Accelerometer Support OTG with Remote Control

Edit: this looks like the Mk 1, the 2 is over £100 even there

Also £30 shipping
Amazon looks the best way

Is there any point in a cheap DAC which may not be any better than the one already in the Squeezebox?

Sort of my thinking
It may be a waste of time, and I really should enjoy it for what it is

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Yep. IME to get a significant upgrade in sound from the very cheapest built-in DACs you need to spend about £2k. Below that they all sound kind of the same.


You selling DACs now ?