Have come to the conclusion that getting a dac is the best way to go. Squeezebox sounds OK, Sony qs dvd/cd sounds v good, sky box sounds OK to good

Is there a cheap option to raise the quality of the sb and sky box, and even the Sony?

Go with a Topping DAC, various model to choose from, sensibly low prices too!

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Loads on ebay, see there is a d10 finishing tomorrow

Any good?

I have a D10 in my office system. It’s OK, but single-input USB only. OK for a computer source, no use for anything else.

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I use the SMSL Sanskrit Mk 2 (well, five of them), which have USB, coax and optical inputs. £100 on Amazon, less if you order from the SMSL store in Europe like I did.

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Buy direct from the UK from the official store here

£73.95 30%OFF | SMSL Sanskrit 10th SK10 Hifi Digital Decoder AK4490 PCM384 DSD256 DAC Pre-out Accelerometer Support OTG with Remote Control

Edit: this looks like the Mk 1, the 2 is over £100 even there

Also £30 shipping
Amazon looks the best way

Is there any point in a cheap DAC which may not be any better than the one already in the Squeezebox?

Sort of my thinking
It may be a waste of time, and I really should enjoy it for what it is

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Yep. IME to get a significant upgrade in sound from the very cheapest built-in DACs you need to spend about £2k. Below that they all sound kind of the same.


You selling DACs now ?


The EDO (enhanced digital output) software upgrade is worthwhile if you have an external DAC. It turns off the dac in the touch which does seem to help even with a modest external dac. I would say the coax works better than the optical and both are better than USB out.

I didn’t think you needed a software upgrade.
When I had a Squeezebox I just used the digital output to an external DAC which bypassed the DAC in the Squeezebox

The EDO software switches off the analogue circuitry or something.

It’s free, takes 10 mins or so, is reversible and may improve the sound, why not?

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I’m now running the sb through the micromega dac
Sounds much better

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