dB meter recos?

Right, I think I’ve been being a bit of a stupid cunt (for a change…).
The Dreiklangs go SILLY loud without distortion, and I like to listen SILLY loud.

Last night we sat 3 rows from the front at a Red Priest concert - those wonderful geniuses don’t fuck about, and the concert was one of The Best Things Ever, yet it all sounded a bit quiet and restrained to me…

Talking to Sam, that was me, not them :open_mouth:

So I want to find a reliable, accurate, yet ideally not silly-expensive dB meter so I can make sure I listen at safe levels. I don’t own a smartphone, so that crap is out the door.

I’m prolly 10 years too late, but anything anyone can recommend? Ta.

I have one you can borrow long term (unlikely to need it since I have a smartphone)

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Well I was expecting a lot more abuse before anything useful popped-up, but yeah, ta, much appreciated :+1:

Hearing loss explains why you like Focals etc yadda yadda.


That’s better :+1:

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Yep, when I drove home from yours after that mini session with the Dreiklangs, my car was strangely quieter than usual :laughing:

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Hopefully you have a laptop pc with USB?

In which case, get one of these for about £95

then enter the calibration file into REW installed on your laptop

and away to go:

whole afternoons will get sucked into yet another black hole :grinning:

it does do basic SLM LAeq btw

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Probably drowned-out by your thunderous trouser-coughing…

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That is such complete overkill for what I want - and bearing in mind I’m the laziest cunt on the planet, so it will almost certainly never leave is wrapping - that I might consider digging into my Schumann wave generator budget at some point…

oh sorry, I forgot, you didnt actually want any of those things, you wanted something like:

“yeah, just buy this POS it will be fine” :+1:


Except you probably want A weighted for hearing damage use, :slight_smile:

And the one I have is way better, its analogue :slight_smile:

Fixt for wider comprehensibility, since that seems to be an issue…


I did call it a POS :wink:

manual integrating to guess the LAeq, them were the days :roll_eyes:

butthurtingtons :+1: