That is very nice but also very overpriced (imho anyway).

Yes a big statement light would look great in that hallway :+1:

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You opening am Asian Fusion restaurant soon👍


Oh god - that pink! :face_vomiting:

I now also know that one of these -

Is worth £500.

I used to have one, let a friend loan it when I was between-houses and dossing on floors. She never gave it back. She also never gave back a lovely wood-cased vintage amp and really nice mahogany folding campaign table. Better yet, she just left them behind in various flats when she moved-on and had lost interest in them.

People fuuuuuuuuucking suck.

That globe lamp is nice. Looks like a pay-the-money-or-go-without sort of deal. Life is short. Do it.

That hallway is screaming out for olive green,and candy stripe carpet,
Any more tips are a grand an hour consultation

I’m wasted cleaning lumps of metal


Then-again, closer-to-source = nearly half-the-price.

Or nip over and nick some :+1:

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Looks good, I’ll have to run it past the Wife, she has already vetoed a Nathan Astro coffee table that I really liked the look of, design was fine but no to the glass…


Toughened glass - takes some breaking: I dropped a ~1.5kg glass paperweight onto my hifi rack once - nary a chip.

You may have to sneak this stuff in, bit-by-bit…

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Said it was overpriced! I’d say £500 was good enough to acquire that. Nice piece go for it @hoopsontoast


That’ll be the solvents you’re using.


I already have one of these for the Living Room, waiting to go up

Was trying to find something to go in the front room that was similar to this 1960s/70s shade,but need 3 for the front room,and originals are to much

So ended up with these from ikea at a tenner each


Who designed/ made those Stu?

Afraid I’ve no idea Wayne.
Was given it as a present from a friend years ago.
She has some lovely 60s 70s stuff with some very nice danish furniture

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Its a lovely simple design :ok_hand:


Yes,can’t see a make on it

Worked on a house in Peterborough a decade or so ago,and got 2 of these Pastel coloured blinds as they were being lobbed into the skip.

Sadly the bigger one got buggered,so just have small one left.
The other one did have the makers name,but can’t remember it

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Nice wee table but the larger oval G-Plan Astro has better proportions I think.



That is lovely! :heart_eyes:

Saw a nice one of those in Cardiff Flea Market yesterday.

I have one of those :grin:

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They’re not uncommon. There’s usually plenty on ebay at any given time. Were you tempted?

I’d love a Noguchi coffee table if one came up locally.