I know, this one was in tip top condition though.

No I’m all good for coffee tables :smile:

Was tempted by some of his Guzzini stuff but in the end bought a Guzzini inspired floor lamp with smoked plastic outer shade - I’ll take a pic when its darker.

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I got rid of one a few years ago. I had the glass etched, rightly or wrongly. Preferred it that way

I had the round version of this. It was the ‘booze table’ at Xmas at my grandparents. The wife let our then 3 year old use it as a painting table and fucked it in 10 minutes. Piss was converted to plasma never mind boiled.


I have a repro Noguchi coffee table that I’m not using if anyone wants it for not much money. Totally not local to Glasgow.

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Love this kind of tile stuff


Kitchen Clock designed by Max Bill for Gebrüder Junghans (1956-57) photo by Thomas Griesel MoMA


Bought a Hornsea cruet set that we stumbled across in vintage / antique/ curiosity shop. Manufactured during the flrst half of the 60s. Salt, pepper, large vinegar, mustard pot and tray.
Thought the design was cool. Ymmv.


Looks fab

We had the salt and pepper cones when i grew up in the 70s

The upstairs neighbour died a few months ago. When I was in her flat I noticed she had a rather nice, compact 60’s bureau so like the vulture I am, I registered my interest with the executors.

They were kind enough to give it me gratis tonight as I had been helpful to them over the piece in my capacity as unpaid building manager. Yay!


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Staircase. L DaVinci. 1516