Dicking about with crap old cars

Lovely work. Can I ask why you have used Ash for framing that will never be seen rather than just using pine?

Same reason Morgan do, strength, stability and moisture resistance.

Thanks, Morgan did car frames rather than bedframes in cabins though. I was taught Ash will crack if the temperature fluctuates a lot. Was just interested in why you made that choice.

On with some slats for the seat/ lower bed. Front springs and shocks tomorrow.


Are you going to bring it to Settle Bob?

Yea, soul be finished by then, Lopwell is the trial run.

On with the seat/ bed, will finish tomorrow as front suspension delivery was split and I’m two shocks short of that job.


I won’t be at Lopwell. Doesn’t fit in with my work schedule but I’ll be going to Settle :slightly_smiling_face:

Got a fair bit done today.

Modified the MG TF subframe to take my existing coil overs.


There was no way to attach my steering wheel to the quick release so I turned up this hub so I can bolt the two together.

All stripped down and the bare metal parts have been painted. I’ll reassemble it all in a day or two.

Petrol tank is back too. It’s only had the four sides welded as I still need to sort out the baffles and the pump plate.


More progress, be cooking on gas by Lopwell.


Wish I was there, to witness this mobile Gin palace.

That’s all 4 cornets fine for 550 quid, new shocks, springs, turrets, galvanised sorting seats and retainers and new bushes etc. None of the kit was the cheap gash either.

Beer time


Santa Fe failed mot on dangerous wishbone, dodgy other wishbone and some bulbs.

And a rear calliper was buggered.

That was a bit mot spendy than I’d hoped. Amazing what decent wishbones do to the drive quality. Should have noticed that and checked it.

I assume that horrible purple protective plastic stuff peels off?

It’s your finest gaudy formica :slight_smile:

Next job is fitting this GPS tracker that comes complete with a basic alarm and ability to remotely deactivate the fuel pump

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Now 190K+
Since acquired has needed 2 brake pipes, electronic Parking brake ,new radiator and a battery .
Passed MOT yesterday without a problem. Roll on 200K.

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