Diet and Fitness

Day 104 - Diet update. I have now lost 19kg that’s a smidge under three stone. My RHR is down at 51/52

I am keeping fit by housework, DIY and walking.
Today I am making some more plywood boxes. I snapped up enough material to make 40 for £50 - It’s a chore but we may end up renting if our house sells.



Absolutely, fantastic!
You must feel great, both physically and mentally, about that.
Have you reached your target, and are now, in holding mode?
Well done, again.

Brilliant Andy !

The plywood boxes look great too (I wish I had some boxes for my plywood).


I still have a stone to go to reach my target. I do feel much healthier, i can walk fast up hills and run up stairs - It’s fantastic. Given that our house is always full of cakes biscuits and chocolate usually in view, I have surprised myself that I have actually managed this challenge.
My BMI was 34 and is now 28 but I’m aiming for 25 .


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Righteo for a change some fitness from me - This mornings walk was one around Blenheim palace from home. I walk I did before on 9th April six, weeks ago - Last time I was pretty shattered - This time not at all. The metrics from fit bit show all it pretty well. I took a slightly different route which explains the different steps I was 7kg heavier then and spent 50% of the walk in the cardio zone. This time just 5% and effectively did it 5 mins quicker.


Did you stop at any point Andy and wonder what that background noise was ? It was the rest of the world snoring. Still, I imagine Blenheim was quiet :slight_smile:.

Seriously though, good job. Early morning walks can be lovely as well as good for us.


I didn’t stop really, I did take my bins but did not use them - I heard lots of goldcrests and green woodpeckers. Photographically there were some nice lambs sat down rim being light by the light - I should make a point of stopping and enjoying but I’m a little fitness focussed and worried more about my pace than I should be. I did manage 6950 steps per hour for just over three hours.

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I do know what you mean about ploughing on. Apparently almost everyone takes the Greenwich Meridian walks in much smaller chunks than I am doing. So they get to pop into interesting churches or enjoy the views from hilltops whereas I’m mostly worried about whether I’ll make it to the B&B in time for a shower and change of clothes before the local food outlets stop serving dinner. There is something pleasing about setting a target and reaching it though. My next leg is looking tricky because two thirds of the way across the fens is a great big empty patch and I’ve just discovered that the only B&B in it is no longer open for business :frowning: .


I was enjoying the programmes about the Yorkshire Wolds way but sadly it’s all a few miles West of the Meridian you’ve been following. Does look to be a lovely walk in its own right though. 79 miles all told I think.

Yes, I caught the tail end of that last night. It’s nice to be reminded that there are chalk landscapes that far north.

You’re right though, the meridian only just clips the SE corner of Yorkshire, and the bit on land is getting shorter and shorter all the time as the east coast washes away.


Weigh in - 12 st 1.5lbs.

No budge in last 2-3 weeks which isn’t entirely surprising having been unable to run. I’ve realised just what an impact running relatively short distances 3-4 times a week has on driving my weight down.

Sadly I haven’t converted running exercise into swimming and weights over recent weeks but I have done a decent weights workout yesterday and some yoga today.

I think what you’ve achieved is amazing. Well done. You should be proud

I’m happy with my cycling progress. Seeing real differences but without feeling fatigued like i was before. However, I’m struggling to keep motivation to do push ups (or anything else) as I get more into cycling again.

Forced myself to do some push ups this evening. I was trying to progress by increasing reps per set, and had got up to 3x 15, but I’ve found that for some reason I’m not consistently able to hit my personal best, let alone progress so decided to try something different tonight. Did 6 sets of 10 push ups with a minute rest between. Last rep on 6th set was hard but manageable.

I have to say, I noticed that it was a fuck of a lot easier to pump a tyre up with my mini pump when I got a flat on Sunday’s ride!!

Even after a week of proper bingeing my weight was at 65kg, so I think that’s my “real” glycogen loaded weight at the moment. I’ve been fluctuating between 63kg and 65kg. I think it’s going to be hard to try to lose weight in this training cycle since intensity is upped, but hopefully reduce body fat further.

Weird. Couldn’t get it up tonight.

My heart rate that is, I had a raging erection the entire ride.

Seriously though…I guess it means I wasn’t recovered enough from Sunday’s ride but I just couldn’t get my heart rate up. Was ok pootling along, and did a half decent pace, but there was nothing extra to give. Could barely get up to 60% maximum heart rate at points

Day 122 and now lost 20.5 Kg in total and I am nearly at the end of my diet. I am going to try and get to 13 stone and then try and maintain my weight under that. That’s just 2kg to go. Ideally I would like to reach that by July


Good work

Ha - the wearing-black-to-make-you-look-thin and wearing-shoes-to-make-you-look-tall tricks. You don’t fool us (I’ll bet those are wider bricks too) !

Seriously though, congratulations. All you have to do now is to keep away from bakeoffs.


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Who knew that a beard could weigh 20 kilos :wink:


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