Diet and Fitness


At the moment I’m doing 50+ per day, but sets of 10 spaced throughout the day. I’m just going to do that for a while without testing myself. Same with chin ups, 1 or 2 whenever I pass the chin up bar. I might not progress, but I figure it can’t be bad for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep I’m down with that Neil


Possibly always will be - that was mental :+1:


Too right. Respect :fist:


I have now been a member of the gym for a month - Visited 13 times.
My knees and quads feel a lot stronger and already I have been able to up most repetitions
Today’s fitness effort
A/ Warm up: Running Machine 5K -32 mins
B/ Circuit session:
Lunge 17,17,17,17
Squat 20,20,20,20
Hamstring MC (27kg) 15,15,15,15
Quad MC (25kg) 15,20,15,15

C/ Running Machine second effort @ 5K - 27mins 30s
D/ 5 mins progressive warm down
E/ Light jog/walk 2 miles to pick up car from garage
F/Back relax with legs up on box 20 mins
H/ 40 mins squash

Max heart rate during final run was 139 average 120

Tomorrow morning - A park run


Surprisingly hard weight session today has left me knackered.

Did the squats and bench press sets with weights suspended off the Barbell with resistance bands, which amplifies the impression of weight and stresses all your stabilising muscles somewhat. A few chin up sets avoiding momentary failure, and ground out some DB shoulder presses.

Might have to look at one of those bamboo bars if this produces gains :+1:


Starting in November, I did that for 6 weeks (at a slight incline) without going near a regular flat bench press, just 45kg x 10 x 3 wobbling around really knackered me to start with.

When i did revert back, what I used to lift felt light, as in not remotely heavy. I smashed through PBs as a result. I’ll be going back to crazy bells next week for anothet month or so.

Other news, I now dead lift 8kg above my body weight ~ 3 sets of 8.


A nice early achievement for 2018- ran 10km for the first time ever on my long run this evening

Heart rate between 75% and 80% for the entire run. Normally my long runs have crept up to 80-85% of max but it was easier to keep it below 80% tonight (max HR based on the highest I have ever seen on the bike which was ~200bpm). I guess that’s the zone 2 you were talking about @crimsondonkey - or is zone 2 easier paced than that ? For some reason I find it easier to keep it between 75-80% running compared with cycling… Pace was 10:54/mile- I’d quite like to get it down to 10min/mile


I pushed myself into my end stops during my park run today as it was the same course that I started park runs on three months ago and I was keen to measurabate progress- It’s all grass and some was very soggy so quite a slow course compared to a tarmac 5K. The last ten minutes was at 100% 180 bpm and averaged 140 ppm according to Fit-bit. Very pleased to find that I took two minutes and one second off my PB for this course and finished in 27m 6s.


Very well done. Make sure you give your body a chance to recover from the intensity - running at / near 100% for 10 mine will really give your CNS a kicking.



Perhaps look into a Low Carb High Fat diet!
The UK NHS seem very slow at recommending this diet but the rest of the world seem to be moving towards its benefits for T2 diabetic blood sugar control.

I don’t agree that 5-6 smaller meals is better for anyone & it’s especially not good for diabetics. Every time you eat you have an insulin response. Eating 3 meals with no snacking will probably help, but even better have a read up on intermittent fasting. T2 Diabetics respond very well to 16/8 IF.


I feel like I could run again today! :+1:


Lower the intensity the more frequent you can train. I think as soon as you go over 85% then you’ve got to have rest days or dial back what you do next.


Pretty much what I did yesterday (I almost never bench flat and prefer 15 deg) - jeez I know exactly where my chest is now :tired_face:.

Nice work :+1:. That is one of my main goals for this year.


Crazy bells is a killer exercise, I know about it for at least 48 hours afterwards. Coincidently I bought a pair of my own resistance bands this morning. The ones in the gym aren’t always available when i need them.
Will give them a go on Tuesday.


My weights are Olympic tri-grip types so it’s easy to get them hanging off the bar.


Decent run in the Wyre Forest yesterday, nothing special just 4 miles, but some long hills to build up a bit of stamina. Finished quite strongly so pleased with that.


Yogi Bear hanging loose


Ron Jeremy having a wee