Diet and Fitness


Not logged them all but have been steadily clocking up running miles at moderate pace. 32 miles since Jan 1 so far, but I’ve concluded that the 1000km this year/ 52 miles a month isn’t gonna happen as it’s going to interfere with my main goals too much.

Decent workout yesterday with banded tension again - ouch this morning :grimacing:


One of those workouts today where you just start lifting and realise that your body is really up for it. Going through a few sets of deadlifts and felt like cranking up the weight (which is a temptation I usually avoid), and so ended up doing a few sets not far off my bodyweight.

Probably going to pay for it tomorrow but pleased that a goal has taken a huge leap forward towards me that I wasn’t expecting. Now to get squats at the same level of improvement…


My back/neck/shoulders are fucking tight. I’ve spent the last hour stretching, groaning and rolling about in this thing

Really need to get back into my daily half hour of stretches. Sitting down all day, sitting down while cycling, and sitting down all evening is not a recipe for a healthy back. Fancy getting a bench and some free weight for the garage


Stretching and foam rolling :+1::+1::+1:



First run in a couple of weeks today. Not quite over the current lurgy but decided to go regardless. Wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would be, and my new running shoes are comfy as fuck


What did you get? I’m about due to change mine soon as they’ve clocked 350+ miles


Brooks Ghost 10 :+1:


I’m going to check out a few tomorrow and Brooks are on my list.


Tried on a lot of running shoes :disappointed:. Most of my running is 80% road and 20% firm paths by rivers/ canals etc, so I’m looking for a lot of cushioning and yet some stability at midfoot, with a bit more structure on the shoe upper than you tend to see.

Tried on candidates from Brooks, Saucony, ASICS, Salamon, but to my complete surprise I tried a pair of Hokas on with low expectations and adjusting them up by 0.5 of a size, I thought these suited me best. They used to be very squishy but the latest ones have combined that with a bit more midsole firmness.

So I went for these bad boys - Hoka One Clifton 4.


Hoka’s were recommended to me, it just happened that the Brooks fitted me best :+1:


Should go for a run today…been having a bit of an extended “off season” and being quite comfortable with that :stuck_out_tongue:


I might go for another run today too, I’ve knackered my right elbow so it’s either running or swimming at the moment.


I just managed a set of 20 push ups, which surprises me since I’ve not done push ups for weeks (despite my intentions posted on here earlier in the year)

I’ve had a couple of back to back colds which have gone into my chest, and my focus really needs to be family first, then job hunting, then current work, so I’ve not been managing much other than walking to and from work (in one direction most days). No point in getting stressed about not being in peak condition or a bit of extra winter podge. Got a 4 week old baby etc… etc… :stuck_out_tongue: and I am really enjoying a few beers on a weekend at the moment.


Strength doesn’t fade and disappear as quickly as cardio fitness so I’m not surprised you can do 20.

Everything else is about balancing what you want and reaching a compromise that works for you :+1:


Did 7k at a steady pace. I thought it was probably unwise to go straight back into 10k for my long run after a few weeks off, and getting over a bug. I’ll build back up to 10k over the next few weeks.


Just got back after a 6 mile run at just under 10 min/ mile around the local canal.


Anyone else see another issue from the main picture?


I don’t know what you mean…


If you know a woman who is vegetarian or, in particular, vegan and who might one day, even some considerable time in the future, want to have a baby then get her to listen to this I caught the latter part of it yesterday. It’s a clear, convincing piece about really important science which, it seems, too many people either don’t know about or are dealing with ineffectively. Getting it wrong can damage a baby in a way that they never recover from.