Diet and Fitness


New kicks arrived so went for a quick run last night to try them out :slightly_smiling_face:


AA work out Anthem.


Plenty of running recently. Steady jog this afternoon after getting back from watching Villa outclass The Bluescum.


Scooby Doo ghost?


Steady run followed by a lot of stretching.


50 minutes door to door running home from work last night. It’s ~10k (a bit less I think) so works out as sub-55mins 10k, probably around 52 mins

I don’t know if I went too hard or not. I was able to up the pace when I got close to home. It sounds as though I was getting up to tempo pace, but probably not quite. That said, I don’t feel like I could have run the distance faster. I’ll take the rest of my runs easy this week, and run my 10k at an easier pace next week


Been struggling with my elbow so laid off weights for a couple of weeks.

Last night I dipped back in with a circuit of squats, chins and bench presses. Satisfyingly sore this morning and no ill effects on my elbow / shoulder.

Run and swim planned for tonight as I’m staying over near Ilkeston.


Longest run for a while.


Not sure it quite counts but had my first stab at climbing in quite a while this afternoon. Still way short of the strength required but at least having lost 55Kgs it wasn’t a complete embarrassment. Hopefully should be able to make going to the climbing wall a regular occurrence.


16km run, 1 hr 23 mins, felt awful at the end of it


Only managed 2 runs this week again :pensive:


Run in some white stuff.


Winged Lion.


Interesting article.


Run last night to clear the head (partial success)


Did you get the bus home?


Hah, sadly not. It was a run down a straight road from Risley to the edge of Stapleford (2.3m) and then back up the same road.


Been struggling to find time to run or lift but managed a brief jog.


5k in 24.23 today…not quite my best time but close


I wonder how little I can get away with riding before doing a 100 mile ride at the end of June?