Diet and Fitness


Hat doesn’t look that heavy in the photo


First session in three weeks today. Been doing one working set to failure. It helps me mentally to actually get out there and train. I improved over last session and did a whole body workout in 30 mins where I’ve been doing only lower or upper in previous sessions. I was a bit shaky and feeling faint so didn’t do as much upper body as I’d have liked but still, feeling good.

I’ve also been walking to and from work, an hour each way, Monday to Friday. About 14500 steps per day according to my phone.

Still doing some fasting though I eat twice per day most days, still do some days just the once now and then, with only water between.


Lost a total of 2.2 kg in the first week of my diet. :heart_eyes:


Good job getting back to it.

What’s your goal?



Really just to train consistently to keep fit enough for anything I might need to do. I’m not going to care about squatting a certain weight anymore or anything like that. I want a strong back to support my spine well as I have sciatic nerve pain, when I don’t train, from a suspected herniated disc.

I do hope to add a bit of weight still but it doesn’t matter too much as long as I’m lean and fairly strong. I’ll weigh myself and take it from there with that.

So main goal is just consistency for now. I didn’t really want to leave it three weeks between but made all the excuses not to train.


I can relate to that :weary:

You’re right to focus on something beyond just the weight lifted. Building all round core strength will help, if you do it gradually. For my money flexibility and mobility is worth twice the value of strength alone, especially in the hips and spine. Ten minutes each morning on this will probably do you more good than your weight sessions.

It was seeing fasting and train to failure that caught my eye and made me ask you what your goal was.


Yeah, I’m trying to do some stretching but need more focus on that to be honest. Fasting just suits me. I don’t really like snacking so tend to go a while between meals naturally. I’m just making sure I get enough calories. Training to failure means I push as far as I can until my form breaks down. I did squats at 80kg for 12 reps yesterday but had a couple of warm up sets beforehand. I’ll see how it goes but I’m confident I’m eating enough for what I’m doing, though I do have to make a conscious effort, which is the opposite to a lot of people.

I have no pain currently though, doing good mornings got rid of that.


Any stretching and/or mobility hints and tips welcomed by the way. I’m doing a bit of the third world squat, after you mentioned it a while back on here.


If you scroll up through this thread there should be a number of mobility videos, otherwise if you can’t find them I’ll dig them out and repost.

Third world squat is a great place to start though.


Actually I think I’ve went through a link to one previously, I’ll check through.


I like karate for this- it’s definitely improved hip flexibility for me.



Go away and find something that involves faff please!


ordered a kettlebell to work- far more likely I do a quick workout at lunchtime or before leaving than once I am home :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to pick up a bit more cycling later in the year but karate, strength and flexibility is the focus for now.

Running once a week, a moderate/easy 5k with a group, but it doesn’t excite me enough to do more running :stuck_out_tongue:


2nd week of my diet: 1.1kg loss.
Total: 3.3 kg.


I seem to be able to improve my press-ups faster than my chins. Still I did increase the reps yesterday and felt far more solid throughout with my form so I’m going to keep going. I used to be able to do these easily years ago and it’s horrible when I see how many I can do now. I managed 9 in a row then 5 for a second set.


That’s normal. Remember your load on chins is higher than press ups, so the marginal increases in strength/ endurance are harder to come by.


Yeah, you’re right. I increased by a single rep on each set and was hoping for a little more but I do think each rep was far better this time though, right up over the bar and body still so I’ll look at that as improvement.


3rd week of my diet: 1.9 kg loss
Total loss: 5.2 kg

Has anyone used Chuckling Goat Kefir?


That’s going well Dave. How are feeling with it?