Diet and Fitness


That’s where the HRV monitoring comes in useful, objective evidence as to whether and how hard you should train.


Hang on… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Have you been trying the HRV monitoring?


Well, after some drunken advice and a weekend of excess my diet has commenced. Six months and four stone to go if I want a fair to medium chance of living more than five years. That kind of stark advice certainly focuses the mind. This morning was scrambled eggs and salmon, veg soup and a small tuna roll with salad for lunch and tonight will be a shit ton of veg, stir fried with hardly a touch of oil. So far no snacking and not feeling hungry.


Good man Bob :+1:.



All power to you Bob :+1:

Looks like you’re sensibly going for lots of protein, especially early on, and tapering your calories down as the day goes on - this will work, short and long term.

If you can, add some walking to your daily routine, it’ll help in a number of ways.

You’ll be a beefcake in no time :slightly_smiling_face:


How come no-one tried to advise me? Wasn’t I drunk enough? :worried:


I’ve administered advice to you on many previous occasions Jim - just stop trying to eat yourself to death :grinning:.

If you won’t heed the advice about socks and sandals then I can’t see you wanted to do more difficult things like eating differently. It’s the pigs revenge.


I need one of these (with a padlock at the back, where I can’t reach it)


I’ll settle for a slightly thinner fat bastard for the now. If I can get down to 16 stone and hold it there for a few months and then drop it to 15 for the long term I’ll be a happy bunny. Luckily I kept all of my smaller clothes, so will soon be dressed in ten year old fashion statements.


Was @crimsondonkey evangelizing on the weekend?


If you mean talking shit to an audience who took great pleasure in taking the piss then yes.


He’s talking about dieting advice, not your vinyl session :wink:


Yeah different topic, same fucking response :slightly_smiling_face:


With a pooch as a ready made exercise machine, you’ll get there.


Managed 8 pushups with my son on my back. He’s 25kg, and pushup equivalent to 64% of bodyweight so I make that approximately equivalent to lifting my bodyweight (at 65kg). Is that any good?


I bloody hope so. Day one was painless enough and just enjoyed a plate load of stir fry veg and a wholemeal pita. Smoked bacon, grilled Tom’s and a
Poached egg await for breakfast.

First snack free day ticked off :grinning:


'Tis dull as fuck to do, but I recommend toting up calories on MyFitnessPal, at least for a while- and weighing food.

Following the advice from @crimsondonkey on the extent to cut calories give to @Adpully seems like a good idea too

Protein at breakfast definitely good. Soup works really well for me. I wouldn’t restrict carbs too much (or fat).


Go for it Bob from a total random person on here. From the few words I have read you seem determined. As Wayne says start a bit of gentle exercise as the endorphins give you a lift. Bon chance.


Sounds great. Put it this way - you couldn’t do that 6 months ago could you?!


Nope. 6 months ago I struggled to do one push up, which is kinda crazy. Also slightly worrying…i think everyone should probably be able to manage one push up :stuck_out_tongue:

The particularly impressive thing to me is that it’s taken less than 5 mins of my day, just consistency.

Also, up until now it’s just been straight unweighted push ups but it’s clearly increased my strength beyond that load

It’s extrapolating a lot, and presuming that my son was placed on my back so I was lifting his entire weight, but if you put 8x66kg into a 1 rep max calculator that works out as 83kg, or 1.27x my bodyweight which is apparently a half decent bench press (I admittedly don’t know whether a push up translates as an upside down bench press :stuck_out_tongue:)