Digital is OK

Sorry to pollute the forum with yet another “hi-fi” post but I’d just like to announce that I’ve managed a couple of hours listening to purely digital and it’s been OK.

Spotify via a lappy (usb) into my Burson V5 upgraded EE Minimax DAC (ss out) and it’s not unliveably far from my vinyl front end.

I could cope with this.

Edit: If I had to.


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At last, someone sane…ish. :smile:

I sometimes think that. But I find I’ve lost interest after a few days

Gee, thanks for that.

Is that because of the SQ or the listening ritual / faff ?

SQ I think. It just doesn’t engage enough. Not sure why. Isn’t quite sufficiently believable. That isn’t to say all analogue recordings are great and involving either. They aren’t, but some, enough for me, are.

Nothing to do with ritual or faff. I’m lazy & would prefer less hassle than more.

Of course I listen to CD’s & files from the computer via a DAC but wouldn’t be happy if that/they were my only source.

Keep telling yourself that, you might convince yourself.

I bought a new streamer thing with a built in DAC and absolutely loved it (still do) I listened to digital only for a couple of weeks then put a record on … …

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That is exactly my slight concern, and now you’ve reinforced it I’m doomed to forever remain a slave to vinyl. FFS.

Enjoy both.


Hope restored

Most new vinyl you buy will have been digitised at some point anyway :grinning:


I find that I’m ambivalent either way. I mostly listen to vinyl because I like it and Narelle insists that I buy only black plastic.
My digital listening is mostly Spotify streaming with the exception of CDs under certain circumstances.

My listening these days rarely involves “intense” listening sessions. I give very few fucks.

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I listen to 95% vinyl but my inability to not buy everything that I even sort of like makes it very expensive.
I don’t seem capable of changing that, so I’m trying to build a digital front end that I enjoy enough to stop keep buying vinyl.
My very real fear is that my plan will be stymied by both the SQ and my enjoyment of the ritual/faff :man_facepalming:
Doomed I tell you, doomed !

I get that and I’m pretty similar.
I find that my enjoyment of music isn’t really curtailed by my source. I am in it for the music, not the system.
I think a lot is mental. This will fuck a lot of people off but hey ho !

Agreed but I would add habit to that, too.

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I listen to a lot of digital, probably more now than ever. The ease of access offered by Roon/TIDAL/Bandcamp means that I almost exclusively use digital during the day. This is typically for a background noise while I work but since the Aesthetix DAC arrived I’ve also done a fair bit of close listen to FLACs.

Fuck CDs though. Horrible things.