Has anyone here any experience of using Diretta (https://www.diretta.link) or have any thoughts on it? I’m building myself a new server (mine can’t cope with most of the latest software I want to use) and am tempted to try Diretta at the same time. I’ll probably do it anyway but I thought I’d ask the question first.

It’s complete bullshit, seems to be gathering momentum on other forums but it’s just another protocol that doesn’t solve any problems (not that there is with streaming anyway) or improve things (it’s just another MQA)

So do you think the positive comments about it, particularly on the French forums, are the result of expectation bias or perhaps because a noisy server has been moved one step away from the DAC and replaced with a quieter low power endpoint? I have wondered whether the latter might be true as double PC set up’s are lauded in many situations and this could just be an example of that?

Depends if noise is really an issue. In networking any decent switch and cable will reduce noise to an acceptable level, add into that most fairly decent DACs have good noise rejection these days they are trying to address a problem that doesn’t exist.

At the end of the day who cares if network traffic has noise superimposed on it if the DAC is designed to reject it between the digital and analogue stage anyway.

Easiest thing is what are you after?

Nice UI that looks good with loads of info, that allows streaming to endpoints = ROON


Sound quality = LMS / Innuos / Aurdirvana / Jriver etc (i.e not Roon)

I’ve tried them all and some do sound better than others with obvious advantages and disadvantages

Interesting post Chris. I switch between LMS and Roon and can hear fuck all difference between them. I’m a lifer with Roon so I use that.

To date I’ve used Jriver, Audirvana and most recently Roon. I used all three on a dedicated Mac mini modified to accept a linear power supply and then latterly have used Roon on a Fidelizer Nimitra. Sadly both Roon 2.0 and Audirvana are now 64 bit and my Nimitra runs a 32 bit version of “Windows 10”. It is also rather under powered, hence building a new server. Once I’ve finished the server I thought I might try the demo version of Diretta on the Nimitra hardware just to see whether it did what people say. I agree it looks like a solution looking for a problem, however for free it seemed worth a try.