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We had a great deal of anodised stuff at work and if we cared about the finish we used to send scratched items back to a local plater who would strip it back to bare metal and re-finish it for us. It tended to be inexpensive as black was far and away the commonest colour and he’d just slip it in with next big batch he was doing for someone else. We sometimes had to wait a week or two though.

But to be honest, we hardly ever did care. We just lived with the scratches.

There are touch-up pens for anodising. Here’s one

but there are others too.


Thanks, I’ll have a look - I now have a better idea of what to search for.

Quick extra question about my CD player. It uses a 2 pin power lead, the 2 pin version of the more common 3 pin ‘kettle lead’. I have loads of the latter and none of the former, so…

Am I right in thinking that the third (top) pin is earth? If so, is there any reason why I shouldn’t simply use a three pin (female) lead into the 2 pin (male) socket on the CDP?


Will it fit? Needs to be snug and tight with pins all the way into the sockets. If not, fire or explosion is likely.

Yes, physically it’s a perfect fit, the difference being this:

If the unit has a double-insulated symbol (square box-in-box), then you can use any C15 type “kettle” lead with it.

Looks like it should be fine to use the 3-pin lead into a 2-pin appliance - but NOT vice-versa.


Thanks. Yes, it has the double insulated symbol on the rear panel (I suppose if it weren’t, it’d have a three pin socket).

Good, that saves me having to acquire yet another lead. I have too many wires in my life - my ‘collection’ is becoming a source of concern.

I see your point.

In this case though, I can’t think of a way that combination would fit.

The again, I am the man who cut the mains cable off an old washing machine while it was still plugged into a live mains socket. the scissors ended up with two huge chunks burned out of the blades.

I was unscathed. Lucky bugger.

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Exactly the point. It stops you using a lead which doesn’t have an earth wire on a device which needs to be earthed for safety reasons.

Indeed - in an unbodged unit. Bodged: anything’s possible.

Cyrus seem to use the two pin ones,or they used to